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7 Types of Punekars in an IT Hub

Think Silicon Valley meets Big Bang Theory meets Pune Techies

With the IT Industry going full-throttle on our beloved city-with-an-attitude, we saw a remarkable transformation. While spending a majority of our lives in this hustle-bustle TV-drama techie environment, we realise – rather decode, that this potpourri culture of various regions breeds a certain value-orientation, along with a work persona.  
Whether a small company or a big IT giant, we come across a thrilling cast of characters that would put Game of Thrones to shame. So then it is safe to say that you’ll notice a few recurring personality types – with shoes just waiting to be filled! We give you an index mapping seven distinct Punekar types lurking behind every PowerPoint:

1. The Gossip
The Inside Intel, The Rumor Daily, The Grapevine Chief – regardless of the State they hail from, you sometimes love them, and sometimes don’t; but you know that without them office life would be incomplete. This Punekar is the hand that rocks the boat, the generous do-gooders that pass juicy titbits to the allegedly deprived coworkers.
2. The Bully
This Punekar Alpha is usually an uptight authority figure making things tense for everyone. They love crushing competition, feel they need to control every outcome, overstep boundaries and often carry the torch for the company brand (proudly wear company T-shirts and display office trophies and knickknacks).
They naturally assume that they are there to raise the company morale, but their push-push negative reinforcements, nerve-racking little chats on ROI and productivity and ‘my way or no way’ attitude often makes you look elsewhere for honest heart-to-hearts or second chances.
3. The Overachiever
You can spot this hardworking soldier-type from a mile away. These Punekars (likely to have been college toppers) are workaholics who show up early and continue working until their disillusioned, perfectionist minds run out of steam. They sign-up for new assignments even when their plate is overflowing with projects, are always rushing off to the next meeting and thrive on the busy-bee status. Whether they’re hoping for the gold star, gunning for a promotion or doing this out of simple self-satisfaction, be sure that they will bring in their A-game or eventually burnout.
4. The Dinosaur 
These old school pure-breed veterans speak in ‘pure’ Maharashtrian lingo, often hail from the core parts of the city and educate us with their wisdom from under the corporate banyan tree. They can narrate the “when I joined the organization…” comparative-research story on cue. They resent the ‘fast & mindless’ millennials and are on a highly-approved mission to stabilise & channelise their younger co-workers’ energies. They are on first-name basis with everyone, are passionate lunchers, don’t worry about job security and have strong opinions on everything.
5. The Bright Brats
This new army of young adults in the workplace, raised by helicopter parents, display an abundance of boisterous self-confidence and ample ambition. Multi-tasking and over communicative, (with minimal FB/Instagram downtimes) these live-wires love working in diverse teams and volunteer for social events for want of attention. They thrive on challenges, have little patience for ambiguity and punctuate your every thought with their opinions. They often don’t care where the HR Dept. is or who the big bosses are, respond poorly to criticism, perform best when the answers are authentic and feel fearlessly entitled to success.

6. The Lone Genius
These lovable geeks would don headphones all day, if they can help it and determinedly stay away from the social butterflies. They are super smart and talk about codes and latest gizmos – to those who would listen and not consider them weird. They are confusing and sometimes seem confused, as they ask you to block their calendar slots over a 3-sentence meeting, appear suspicious of their co-workers’ motives, fantasize over Marvel –DC characters and have a nerdy sense of humor. They are self-motivated, responsible and work best in autonomy. Think Silicon Valley meets Big Bang Theory meets Pune Techies.
7. The Chameleons 
Be forewarned, this Punekar may come from a usurper’s bloodline. They have cracked the code, know how to work the system and inscribe their own rules. Their power comes from the snug loyalty to the Bullies and the Dinosaurs, knowledge of dirty company secrets and showing themselves in the right light. They dress the part, always show up, say the right things at the right time, use plenty of corporate buzzwords and show an almost heartfelt pretense of concern for people’s welfare. Often seen as guilt-trippers, drama queens and master manipulators, Chameleons change their projected image to best suit their purpose. They talk back, slack off, have a lucid story-telling ability and take pride in influencing everyone’s decisions.
So there you have it – 7 Punekar traits that you are bound to run into (or gaze back from the mirror) in an IT workplace. Best to capitalise on the good qualities of each type and bury the awful ones!