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7 Trademark Veg Puffs (Pattice) of Pune

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‘Pattice’ is a term which Punekars have coined, let’s set this straight! Pattice doesn’t actually exist, it’s a wrong pronunciation of the word ‘patties’. However, it’s damn right one of the best breakfast available in our city, and we have misal and sabudanyachi khichadi in our food arsenal!
Growing up, pattice meant Sunday, and Sundays meant pattice. A pure, untainted food relationship. So many of us walked to our nearest bakery and just drooled at the smell of hot, delicious pattice which they pulled out from brick ovens. I still remember the large metallic tray and all the pattice which were placed neatly in it, who knew symmetry could look so delicious! I can still recollect the crispy and buttery golden puff pastry, damn it, now I have to eat one! Here’s seven bakeries in Pune which still serve out-of-this-world pattices!
New Poona Bakery


Perhaps the largest chain of Puneri bakeries, NPB started modestly and now serves almost an entire cuisine. No, I’m not kidding, you can actually have a proper meal there. Earlier, they used to sell just Veg Pattice, but these days you can also find Paneer Pattice, Schezwan Pattice and even Jain Pattice!
Hindustan Bakery
My childhood summed up in just one bakery name, not joking. I can literally conjure the smell of their pattice and cream roll, I can also describe to you in detail how their nankatai tasted. Their pattice however, isn’t exactly the best of the list. Still delicious, don’t get me wrong, but there are better choices.
Santosh Bakery

This was legit one of the few highlights of shifting to Sinhagad Road when I was a kid. Their pattice had no competition for a really long time, and they used to sell out in just three hours every Sunday. So you had to be lucky in order to get your share of this delicious puff.
Green Bakery

My current favourite, nothing beats Green Bakery’s Veg puffs. Their pattice ‘filling’ gives you all sorts of feelings (bad pun). Making a near perfect Sunday morning breakfast, Green Bakery is definitely doing something right with their pattices!
Cake & Cream Factory
The youngest bakery chain in Pune, their veg puffs are delicious. Bigger than your average pattice, for sure. Although the bakery chain isn’t famous for pattices exactly, I was pleasantly surprised at how good they were. Won’t hurt to try, I assure you.
Kayani Bakery
Look, I get the hype, but I’m personally not a huge fan of Kayani products; I find them expensive. Their taste however has never changed, be it any product. The biggest problem is that it’s too far for almost everyone (no, it’s eerily true) so people don’t really crave for their pattices. However, still delicious, undoubtedly.
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