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7 Things Only Puneri Moms Say

केस काप

Being a mother is hard, let’s admit it. The amount of responsibilities which fall on that poor woman’s shoulders is scary. Add to that the ever-growing carelessness of her children and how most of them take her for granted. However, she is the spine of the family. From scolding the kids, to reminding the father of his responsibilities, our mothers have been the reason why our houses feel like homes.

Every mother, especially every Puneri mother, has her own keywords and jargons, some of which are hilarious. Here’s to remembering our ‘birthgiver’ and cherishing the love and affection which she constantly showers on us!
Batlya Bharun Thev – Fill the water bottles 
Possibly the most favourite command of any mother, our Puneri mothers are especially keen on seeing us obey this request. For what might feel like nagging, let’s admit it, coming back home from a hot day and not finding a chilled water bottle in that refrigerator makes us seethe in anger. It’s for our own good, mitron! 
Koregaon Park Khup Lamb Ahe – Koregaon Park is too far

I know for a fact that all of our mothers have a weird tendency to call us when we are busy or hanging out with friends. The favourite question after we pick up their call is, “Where are you?” If accidentally, and unfortunately (for them) you’re in KP, they’ll throw a tiny fit by pointing out that KP is too far. Followed by the question, “What are you doing there?” Pretty weird, I know.
Kes Kaap – Get a haircut

In memory of Harambe

Arguably the most common things boys are told by their moms, Puneri moms go the extent of sarcastically pointing out how we look like a homeless bum and how the closest salon is at a walking distance from our house. Short length couldn’t be short enough for them. For girls, it’s quite possibly something to do with their outfit. It seems that moms know what makes us look good more than we do. Fair enough.
Gharche Pohe Amruteshwar Peksha Changle Ahet – I make better Poha than Amruteshwar 
This used to be a common phrase at my place until last year when I finally gave in. She does make better Poha than any street eatery. Maybe it also involves us eating Pohe outside at 4 am! Worry about our safety or just plain anger at our ridiculous behavior, Puneri moms aren’t exactly fond of Amruteshwar it seems!
Shejarchya Kakunkade Killi Thevlie – The house key is kept at our neighbour’s place 
Mom’s usually disappear to do random, mysterious chores and with our unforeseeable schedule, their main problem is the house key. Imagine the panic if we, or a guest reaches our place and has to stand outside? To cure this, our house key lands at our neighbor’s place, the one who seemingly never steps out. Often, their house key is at our place too.
Hindustan Bakery Che Pattice Aan – Get us Hindustan Bakery’s ‘Pattice’ 
Ok, firstly, there’s no such food item as ‘pattice’, it’s derived from the word ‘patties’. Mom’s refuse to believe it, especially when there’s a Hindustan Bakery near our house. Sunday usually means ‘pattice’, a day when they are hesitant to cook breakfast. So ‘pattice’ to the rescue!
Cigarette Cha Vaas Yetoy – I smell cigarettes 
This phrase is said by every mom, okay, almost all of these phrases are said by moms all over the country, but Puneri moms have a hypersensitive nose. Even if you don’t smoke, they’ll act suspicious. Same with alcohol. This is followed by giving our Dads a dirty look. Or walking away from us. Geez.
What’s the one thing your Mom always tells you?

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