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5 Pune-Based Music Bands You Absolutely Must Follow

*grabs headphones*

Pune’s music scene is expanding and developing at a very satisfying pace, exploring the local music makes me feel really proud, undoubtedly. Regardless of the genre and the varied musical taste, these bands have been performing in the city and garnering attention, love and respect. Some of these names will be surprisingly familiar, they have performed at large venues, while some of them will be unfamiliar, yet quite interesting.
Although this list doesn’t even come close to summarising the sheer talent in the city, it’s a good place to start. Check these following names out, follow them on their social media pages and check out their music. Support the local scene, you don’t need me to stress the importance of that, do you now?

Please tell me you’ve heard of them before? No, jokes aside, Agnee is quite possibly one of the most famous bands in the country, not just in the city. Remember the lovely Splitsvilla background music and theme? Yeah, that was Agnee. Their song ‘Sadho Re’ is quite famous and the band’s music style alters from Rock to Sufi influences.
Check Agnee out here.
Skylight Vision

Ever since Skylight Vision performed at NH7 Weekender, they have skyrocketed to glory. Performing regularly at some super cool venues across the city and country, the band released their first video for their beloved song ‘Aadat Si’. Their music is influenced by several amazing artists like Steven Wilson, Opeth and Amit Trivedi. They also do some Bollywood covers and their very own renditions of our loved Hindi songs are definitely impressive!
Check out Skylight Vision here.
Celestial Teapot

Another band with a unique name and an even more unique sound. Their Facebook page says, “An antithesis to A Capella”, which shows just how creative and witty these guys are. They’ve won several competitions and have been recognised for their talent by critics and the audience alike. They’re an Instrumental Progressive band, something new for the city to taste.
Check out Celestial Teapot’s track!

Referred to as the ‘The New Age Beatles’, Studmuffin has come a long way from their small welder’s room jamming (not kidding). Inspired by artists like Shantanu Pandit, Artic Monkeys and of course, The Beatles, Studmuffin makes some delicious Blues/Rock & Roll music. They were also the winners of Hard Rock Rising 2014, a very prestigious award for our city’s very own band!
Check Studmuffin out here.
Easy Wanderlings

Quite possibly one of my favorite bands ever, Easy Wanderlings has made it huge. To describe them, this is what they had to say- “Easy Wanderlings is a musical journal of our cherished memories about soulful conversations, escapades into the majestic wilderness, and of the feelings felt when spending quiet evenings at home.” Perfect for exploring quiet nights and most importantly, for self-introspection!
Check out Easy Wanderlings here.