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Pune's Most Legendary Education Institutions – BMCC

Union is Strength

Every month, we celebrate one college from Pune’s array of magnificent education institutions (last was Fergusson College). Colleges, just like schools, shape our individuality. If schools are the gateway towards development, then colleges are the crucial midpoint. It is here that you’ll realise what you’re passionate about, what you’re really good at. And along with all of this, comes a delicious and fun slice of life called college life. You’ll make memories which will be the reason why you’ll smile strangely when you’re talking about your education. One such beautiful and pivotal college happens to be BMCC (Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce).
One of the premier colleges in the entire country for the Commerce course, BMCC’s foundation is only rivalled by its reputation. BMCC, as its website so fondly says, is focused on providing enlightened leadership and trained manpower in the field of Commerce. It’s affiliated with Savitribai Phule University. The campus overlooks a spectacular and picturesque view of the Ferguson College hill; lush green trees and shrubs make BMCC rather inviting!
BMCC was constructed in 1943 and is a product of DES society. If BMCC’s sister Ferguson college was to be judged, it would be clear that any college started by DES society would have been clearly successful. BMCC became the source of hope for Commerce education in the early 1950s; no other commerce college rivalled its education quality. Professor D.G. Karve, a renowned economist and former Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, was the first principal of the college. After his tenure, several able-minded and qualified individuals have presided and pushed the college towards its glorious success.
Obviously, BMCC has been awarded several times, which has only cemented its reputation. The main reason for this being its excellent students. The unparalleled quality of education becomes a seed in BMCC’s students, paving a way towards gloriously bright futures. A lot of BMCC students have gone on to become notable figures in the country, contributing remarkably in different aspects of the society.  The incredible teaching and administrative staff also needs to be addressed if we’re talking about BMCC’s success.
BMCC also excels in extra-curricular activities and most importantly, sports. Several events like Troika, marathons, book clubs and exhibitions along tree plantation and cleanliness drives makes this college one in a million. Special events like Biz Quiz and Mad Ads are also one of the highlights of this college. Apart from that, several workshops and seminars are extremely helpful in the all-round development of BMCC’s students.
Their motto ‘Union is Strength’ can be observed in every activity which the students partake in. Mohan Joshi, Ravi Pandit and Sharad Pawar are some of the most noteworthy former students. The experience and knowledge which this college offers is instrumental in cutting through the crowd and stimulating personal as well as career development.
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