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7 Reasons Why The (New) Irish House Should be on Your Must-Visit List!

The Irish are Coming!

Aye, Pune! You’ve surely heard that #TheIrishAreComing, again! One of the coolest joints in the city, The Irish House, has grandly opened doors to its second outpost in Pune, this time at Nitesh Hub Mall in Koregaon Park.
The best part about this launch is its HUGE party on December 15, 16 and 17 wherein they’re offering a Buy-1-Get-1 deal on literally ALL their booze. Moreover, the first 100 beers are ON THE HOUSE for each of the three days!
What we’re looking forward to the most is the live gig by Best Kept Secret for our favourite Pop-Rock jams on December 15, 9 pm onwards. So, gear up for this “high-spirited” experience, Punekars!

I got a chance to check out the place recently and BOY OH BOY, the Irish know how to show you a splendid time! Here’s seven reasons why you absolutely must not miss the launch party, and moreover, always keep this spot on your go-to-chill-out list:

The place’s Irish theme is so well thought over, literally making you feel like you’re gleefully immersed into the “Dublin Spirit”. Impressive décor with an alfresco vibe, including signature community tables, televisions for games’ screenings, brick walls with touches of Irish green, quirky quotes, wooden barrels, and the likes, make it a must-visit neighbourhood pub for us Pune folks!

A massive, well-displayed and -stocked bar with high stools arranged in a community seating manner add to the cozy Irish pub vibe. Chilled beer, community cocktails and some of the wackiest drink concoctions are sure to give you a gala time! The must-try drinks:

Irish Mule

  • Irish Trash Can
  • Citric Spinner
  • Irish Terminator
  • Irish Mule
  • Inverted Bird
  • Smoked Wisdom
  • Irish Coffee
  • The New York Sour Keg
  • Irish Tea Party
  • Kentucky Mint JULEP

Irish Terminator

Serving a mix of classic and contemporary pub grub, their menu is loaded with Irish and Brit food. Burgers, pastas and all in all, pub favourites will keep your foodie soul satisfied! Here’s what we tried:

Grande Nachos – Super crispy corn tortilla chips seasoned with black beans, spicy jalapeños and peppers, topped with delicious sour cream and a generous portion of freshly prepared salsa sauce. They had us at these signature Nachos!

Hickory Barbecue Chicken Wings – Barbecue Chicken Wings served with Garlic Fries and Vinaigrette Cucumber.

Vegetarian Hummus Platter – Most likely the largest Hummus platter we’ve ever seen! Classic Hummus, Paprika Hummus, homemade Spinach Yogurt Dip, bunched with Spinach Pita Bread, Lavash, Falafel fritters, Cucumber, Gherkins, and fresh Mediterranean Salad. Not just an Irish favourite, but ours too!

Good Ol’ Mac n Cheese – Soul food with the addition of the yummiest Chef’s special Cheese Sauce, all served on a bed of fries! So comforting!

The Great Irish Fish n Chips – Fresh Basa marinated in lemon, olives and coriander, then fried in their homemade beer batter, served with chilled slaw, potato chips and homemade tartare sauce.
Crispy Sriracha Rigatoni – Crumb friend Rigatoni pasta generously stuffed with Sriracha Cheese served with a creamy ranch sauce. Now that’s some delicious finger food to go with your drinks!

Grilled Sriracha Chicken Bowl – This one’s my personal favourite! Sriracha glazed grilled Chicken served with Apple Cider Rice and chargrilled Broccoli. I think I can finish two of these bowls alone; so, so good!
Hunter’s Penne – Penne pasta tossed in the creamiest of Pesto sauce, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and topped with Parmesan.

Some dessert love was showered upon us with the Nutty Caramel Pie and the Irish Riverdance. The former was a personal favourite comprising a gooey Caramel and Peanut Butter pie layered with rich chocolate ganache with a side of warm caramel sauce (such perfection!).
The latter was an absolute dessert storm in a beer mug; Strawberry Crush, Chocolate and regular whipped cream, sugared nuts, brownie and vanilla ice cream. Now comes the best part- this glass is served alongside a shot of fresh lager beer and you’re to pour the beer into the glass, give it all a good mix and relish it!
Happy Hours
Not only do they have Happy Hours during the entire 3-day launch party, the place has a Happy Hours’ deal EVERYDAY from 5-8 pm. Perfect for them evening chill scenes!
The service is super quick, servers are polite and well-versed with the entire menu and most importantly, everyone makes you feel warmly welcome; thumbs up to the entire staff!

Regular live gigs, a DJ for all of the other days, match screenings, brunches, all make for The Irish House one of the coolest hangouts in Pune!
Good Vibes
The rustic wooden feel, the drunken quotes, the wooden kegs, the Irish doors, chilled beers, community cocktails and delicious food – all of it give the place a warm, cozy and super fun vibe!

Gear up for this new location with the same ol’ vibe, Pune! Don’t miss out on the launch party and then add this spot to your favourite hangout list. See you there because #TheIrishAreComing!
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