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7 Delicious Chocolate Paan Shops in Pune

So who’s your regular Paanwala?

One of the most unique culinary traits of our country is Paan. The perfect end to a heavy, satisfying dinner, our Paan brings with it muffled conversations and after-dinner walks.
If you think about it, perhaps India (along with Pakistan, maybe) has this delicious post-dinner treat. Apart from countless health benefits and not to forget, the impeccable taste, our Paans have been an integral part of our night routine. Just like tea lovers, Paan fanatics swear by their regular paanwala.
Today, we’re not talking about any random Paan though, we’re taking you on a trail of a very, very special Paan- the much sought after Chocoate Paan. Go and visit any of these seven Paan places and try out these heavenly chocolate Paans!

Shaukeen Karve Nagar
If I’m not mistaken, Shaukeen was the first Paan shop which started crafting chocolate Paans in the city. There’s not much to say about Shaukeen’s chocolate Paan, you have to try it for yourself. Unlike other Paan shops, their chocolate Paan is still small, simple and delicious. No need for unnecessary additions!
Naad Paan Boutique Mayur Colony
As the name suggests, this Paan shop is for crazy Paan enthusiasts. Apart from the normal list of Paans, their special Paans are unbelievably good. Here’s a treat for you though- along with the normal chocolate Paan, they also sell white chocolate Paan! Without a doubt, worth trying both of them out!
Chocolate Story Aundh
Just like the décor of this Paan shop, their Paans are tastefully done as well. Almost artistic, if I may say so. The shop sells possibly everything to do with chocolate (duh) but their Chocolate Paans are something you really need to try.
The Betel Leaf: Paan Dessert Shop Karve Nagar

Read the name again, it speaks for itself. Extravagant Paan desserts are a specialty and chocolate Paan is just the tip of their really sweet iceberg. Gulkaand Paan Kulfi and Paan Pani Puri, yeah, I’m not kidding, they actually serve bizarre but delicious combinations like these! Head over there tonight, I promise you your dessert plans will be sorted!
Royalty Paan Shop Prabhat Road
Right next to Peter Donuts, this Paan tapri is famous for its ‘phulchand paan and chocolate Paan. Crowded on most evenings and nights, it’s apparent why this tiny Paan shop gets such a regular crowd. Their chocolate Paan might not look the part, but oh boy, does it pack a sweet punch!
Rudraa Paan Shop Bund Garden Road

Although the place looks modest, their Paans are definitely not. Dipped in various delicious variants like strawberry, pineapple, chocolate and of course, white chocolate, Rudraa Paan shop is extremely popular in the locality and it’s not hard to guess why.
Siddheshwar Pimpri Chinchwad
Siddheshwar Paan shop is so, so beloved among Pimple Saudagar residents! From normal to extravagant- and we’re talking INR 350 extravagant- Siddheshwar Paan shop sells almost every kind of Paan imaginable.