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5 Songs by Pune Songwriters that Ought to be on Your Playlist

*untangles headphones*

December brings with it feelings of dreaminess, nostalgia, joy and reminiscing. The temptation to sit back in your favourite armchair with your favourite cuppa; doing nothing but simply enjoying Pune’s winter, is overpowering. Add dreamy, mellow music to this equation and you’re all set for a session of endless pondering and wishful thinking! Listen to these five songs by our home-grown songwriters to enhance your winter vibe. Replays guaranteed.
Enjoy It While It Lasts: Easy Wanderlings
Sit back, relax and surrender to this gorgeous song. Let go of all your worries. Feel your gloominess fade away. The Easy Wanderlings will make your heart gleefully wander. Float in pleasant memories of happy times. Enjoy the little things and the small joys.

Cackle: Gowri Jayakumar
Gowri manages to create beautiful imagery with her poetic lyrics; while leaving enough room for interpretation. The urge to introspect is strong with this one. Get lost in a world of whimsy and childhood nostalgia. Teleport to another space and time.
Paperboats: Flying Shoe
Nothing takes you back to childhood winter nostalgia, quite like Paperboats! And sometimes all you need to embrace the child in you is music! Echoing a similar sentiment, Omkar Potdar reminds you to take it easy, live in the moment and have some fun, with this song.

Alif: Umeed
Staying true to its title, this song does complete justice to the concept of hope. The solos are lush, the harmonies are beautiful, and it is impossible to get Mohammad Muneem’s voice out of your head. Umeed will bring back the magic of love, fill your heart with hope, and bring you some optimism on a cold winter’s night.

Faasley: The Raushan Verma Scheme
All good things come to an end. Things change and people move on. This song will help you come to terms with some of the bitterness that comes with the end of something beautiful. This winter, let this tune bring you closure for the end of this year.

Happy listening, Punekars!