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The Yummiest Sandwiches in Pune


How much of an introduction does this one really need? They’re sandwiches- deliciously satisfying and easy on the pocket! Here are some joints in Pune that are making them on-yummy-point!

What’ A Sandwich! – East Street
The place’s name are the words you will utter when you take your first bite into their sandwiches, What A Sandwich indeed! You can make your own sandwiches with flavourful twists. The place is fairly small with simple decor, and the best part is the prices. People have hilariously dubbed this place the “Desi Subway.” Quite apt!
Skips Cafe – Aundh 
Skips Cafe has a handful of veg and non-veg sandwiches to choose from; each with a unique combination of ingredients so fresh that you will enjoy the entire thing from the first to the last bite. For all you pork lovers out there, the Ham and Cheese Sandwich is a must-try. They even have a Bacon and Egg option that makes for a super treat during any morning.
Flavours Toast – FC Road


You will always find this place with an abundance of people and for good reason! Although they only serve vegetarian sandwiches, even meat lovers find themselves loving this place! They have a variety of street sandwiches from Cheese Garlic to Mumbai Masala, each and every one of them leaving you craving for more. The best sandwich by far is their Chocolate Sandwich!
Sandwich Express – Koregaon Park

Yet another place that serves only vegetarian sandwiches but never fails to disappoint. Busy and bustling, their service does fall on the slow side, but that’s only because they tackle a lot of orders, including ones for home delivery. Sandwich Express has a smattering of outdoor seating so you can sit and enjoy their sandwiches in peace. The Chili Cheese Garlic and Nutella ones are their most popular items. The prices are the biggest appeal of this place- nothing over the price of Rs. 100- what a steal!
Marz-O-Rin – MG Road 
This is one of the oldest and most famous places in Pune- a go-to place for college kids and anyone looking for a cheap but delicious meal option. Marz-O-Rin has a vast menu to choose from, not just Sandwiches, but Pastas, Pastries and Thick Shakes. They have a big seating area, so you will always find a place to sit and enjoy their amazing Chicken and Chutney sandwiches. Pair that with their Cold Coffee or Juice and you got yourself the perfect budget meal!
So which one’s your go-to place for Sandwiches in Pune?