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Pune's Kayani Bakery and Two Other Landmarks Asked to Shut Down

Kayani Bakery, Pune’s 62-year-old landmark in Camp, along with Baghban and Kwality, have been asked to shut shop by the Pune Contonment Board (PCB).

The latter’s verbal statement said that the outlet has been conducting business without a valid legal trade license since the year 2006.
According to PCB, Kayani Bakery’s lease license did not specify a change of commercial purpose to run its business. The same reason goes for Kwality and Bagban as well.
Simply put, the establishments’ long lease agreement falls under Pune Cantonment’s Bungalow area and weren’t renewed in 2006, basically conducting business on an illegal basis since.
All three joints have been legendary spots in Pune’s Camp locality and The Punekar sincerely hopes the issues are sorted out!
All images: Aadel Najafi 

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