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Punekars, Are You Addicted to चहा?

Answer these seven questions!

So I was brewing my second cuppa this morning, asking myself whether I drink way too much tea. Could this be an addiction? Then I figured, being Punekars, we’re a collective bunch of Chai/Chaha lovers, so I can ask you guys!

Here goes… Ask yourself these seven questions and then let’s discuss whether we’re addicted or not, ok?

  1. Hell hath no fury like a Puneri चहा addict in the morning scorned. Agree? (Me – Yes)
  2. A gossip session with your friend is incomplete without a Cutting. Yes or no? (Me – Yep)
  3. That first hot sip on a cold winter’s morning gives you life, doesn’t it? (Me – YAS)
  4. You like your tea brewed in a particular manner and only you can get it right, yes? (Me – Yessir)
  5. Do you have a favourite chaha tapri in Pune? (Me – Of course, who doesn’t?)
  6. Nothing uplifts you like the way the perfect cup of चहा does, right? (Me – Nope, nothing)
  7. Did this article give you some MAJOR चहा craving? (Yeah, BRB)

If your answers were similar to mine, comment and let me know. #ChaiLoversUnite

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