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In Conversation with Sushmita Sen | #PunekarChats

BRB, still googly-eyed.

Sushmita Sen recently came to Pune to inaugrate the new store of P.N. Gadgil Jewellers at Hinjewadi. I was stunned when, before the press conference, she sat beside me and said, “I like how it feels here!” To which I beamed and she beamed back. Excerpts from our chat…
What was the first piece of jewellery that you ever bought?
My first ever job was to sell vacuum cleaners door to door. It was a summer gig and I got my first ever payment of 800 rupees. And, I felt so rich!
Soon after that I modeled for a pharma company and got my cheque of 2500 rupees. With this money, I got a small charm that had Om inscribed on it. However, I wore it in a black thread as I could not afford more gold at the time. Nonetheless, it is a priced pocession.
Coming to your most precious jewels- your daughters. How do you polish them; by being a strict or cool mom?
As a single parent, I have to play both mother and father to my kids. I would say the mother in me is very soft and the father in me is a disciplinary. I love pampering them but I make sure they value things as they are very fortunate to be born to so much love and attention. Not everyone is this blessed!
You would not see my kids wearing designer clothes or always flying first class. My elder daughter, Renee for instance does have a mobile but no internet pack. I have told her that if you want data on your cellphone you have to earn it!
I have heard that you are a tarot card reader too. So, how often do you predict things for your loved ones?
Well, I often read tarot for my friends and loved ones. Let me confess that they always want to get the cards read only by me because I am a very positive person. Hence, even if I see a negative card, I bring some positive connotation to it and say something like your world is crashing down but that signifies a new beginning.
You know French, you play the piano, you read tarot cards; what is the next thing that you are looking forward to learning?
Currently, I am learning Nan Chaku. I have always been fascinated with this form of martial arts but I had some  back issues before. Nevertheless, when I started practicing Aerial Dance some time ago, my back became much stronger and is now finally ready to learn the martial art. You shall see my moves soon!
Lastly, what does your Miss Universe crown mean to you today?
I never thought that I was pretty. I was lanky with a Bob Cut. But the day I won the crown, I could not help staring and smiling at myself in the mirror. My mom came and said, “You have a whole year to stare, now let’s rush for the press conference.” To which I replied that mom you don’t get it- I am the most beautiful woman in the Universe. She sighed and uttered, “You always were beautiful. This crown has just made the world acknowledge that and no matter what you go through in the future, always see this crown as a reminder of how precious you are.” This statement stays with me even today.
Feature Image: The Indian Express