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5 Organic Farms in Pune Bringing Their Produce to Your Doorsteps

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Consuming organic and abandoning the substitutes are all trends that are catching up to a conscious consumer. With multinational companies advocating for organic farming, here are a handful of organic farms and dairies who source their produce from farmers around the city and deliver your order to the doorstep – the new-age consumer is all in for maximum health benefits, and financially supporting hyperlocal efforts.

Gorus is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programme that trains farmers in Pune district in organic and natural farming practices, and provides a market platform with a year-round guarantee of purchase at an assured price. It works on a prepaid weekly home delivery model. On purchasing a plough share, one becomes a shareholder and can subscribe for a 9-week delivery season.
Customers can choose from either a 6kg basket for Rs 3500 or 8.5 kg basket for Rs 4850 of fresh organic vegetables. Baskets contain approximately 15 to 17 types of seasonal vegetables that are delivered to your doorstep every week – you can also choose to exclude one from your basket.
Contact – 020 25651434, 020 25673324, 020 25660160 (Website)
Sendriya Setu
Sendriya Setu set up their stalls across four locations in Pune once a week, covering Karve Nagar on Fridays, Apte Road on Sundays, Kalyani Nagar on Wednesdays and Bhosale Nagar on Mondays. They sell a range of vegetables, fruits and dry groceries (pulses, grains and flour where prices are fixed on a yearly basis. They are more expensive than the price range in the market, but completely worth it!
Home deliveries on a minimum order of Rs. 400 are applicable to those within the vicinity of their stalls, and Rs 2,000 and above for those outside the delivery radius.
Contact – 9011034965, 9850950656, 9011034950 (Facebook Page)
Earth Alliance Corporation 
Gouri Jadhav, an alumnus of Pune University, runs an extraordinary venture to support local farmers and bring unadulterated produce to the people of Pune. Having used hydroponics (or soil-less farming) to grow her vegetables, she has also started her own app called ‘Mango Mango’ where farm fresh produce can be bought online.
Contact – 9325206907 (Website and Facebook Page)
Pride of Cows

Located on a 26-acre farm in Manchar, Pride of Cows claims that the milk arrives at your doorstep within the first few hours of milking. Although they’re not organically certified, they have mechanised the entire process of milking the Dutch Holstein Friesian cows – from feeding, to milking, pasteurising and bottling. Their cattle fodder is free from insecticides and pesticides as well.
Priced on the higher side at Rs. 80 a litre, Pride of Cows delivers to your doorstep the day after you fill out their form or write to them on with your order and address details. (Website)

Sending out samples before you sign up, Provilac claims to provide completely pure, healthy, organic, nutritious, untouched and unadulterated milk. They deliver milk and milk products around Pune and Mumbai city within six hours of milking. A litre is priced at Rs. 80 and Provilac has also got an app where you can revisit your orders in case you need to change them.
Contact – 8411864646 (Website)

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