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Pune's Favourite Bun-Maska-Chai Joints

The Pune life.

The Iranians have given our city one of the most scrumptious breakfasts ever. Don’t get me wrong, Pohe and Idli are great breakfast choices but dipping a sweet bun laden with butter into a hot cup of chai is on a whole different food high. Here are our top choices for this legendary breakfast in Pune!
Café Yezdan, Camp
This place has been around for over 60 years and there’s good reason for that. They sometimes sell out in a few hours in the morning, so show up early!
Café Diamond Queen, Off M.G. Road

Weekends here are maddening; the chai is strong and bun fresh. They are also very well known for their Caramel Custard.
Irani Cafe, Viman Nagar
This is a relatively new joint, but don’t let that fool you. The décor is tasteful, bun maska and chai on point, and they serve a killer broon maska too!
Café Goodluck, Goodluck Chowk

Unless you moved to Pune yesterday, there is no way you haven’t heard of this joint’s Bun Maska and Irani Chai; it has a chowk named after it for crying out load. They also serve some killer non-veg items here.
Vohuman Café, Sassoon Road

From celebrities to locals, everyone loves the food here. The amount of butter they use here is unbelievable, but so is the taste. Another must-try is their Cheese Omelet.
Kohinoor Restaurant, Camp
They open at the ungodly hour of 4 am! Their service is quick, buns are fresh and chai is amazing! For some Protein boost, you can try their Egg Bhurji.
Café Apollo, Rasta Peth
Well-known with the locals in the area, this place serves some great food along with their Bun Maksa Chai. Some Malai Pav anyone?
Try these places out (if you haven’t already) and let us know if we missed any! How about some Bun Maska Chai now?