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The 'Assal Punekar' Cheat Sheet Guide

The easiest guide to fool anyone into thinking that you’re a REAL Punekar…

The easiest guide to fool anyone into thinking that you’re a REAL Punekar…
Misal above all

There’s absolutely no food item that can replace misal pav. Not all misal pavs are good enough though, so here’s your guide to the best Puneri Misals.
Vaishali and Vohuman are Bae
Look utterly shocked when someone tells you they haven’t been to either or both. Yell “WHAT?!” and proceed to ask them what they’re doing with their lives. Disown them. But not before taking them there like a boss.
Take all your tourist friends to eat JJ Garden Vada Pav

Talk about how it’s the best vada pav in the world on your way there. Stare at them intently as they take the first bite. When they do, raise your eyebrows, grin and say ‘Eh? Eh? See? Told you!’
Say you miss the traffic-free Pune

Because we all do. Tell everyone about how much you miss the wide roads of Pune, the quiet Pune with less honking, less cars and less people. Even if you were like five years old back then.
You need to know St. Vincent’s, Dastur, Bishops and St. Mary’s
Arguments over which alumni is the best have been ongoing for centuries now. Act like you know them all; know the traits of people from these schools. You WILL have to choose sides.
Afternoon naps
If there’s an option for an afternoon nap, take it. Whether you’re sleepy or not, just take it. You love afternoon naps now because you’re a Punekar. A Punekar always naps.
Ride a two-wheeler with a head-scarf

Uh, if you’re a girl, that is. Doesn’t matter if you’re rich enough to own a Rolls Royce, you’re a Punekar and you prefer two-wheelers. Make sure you put on a suffocating head-scarf. If you can’t do this, at least learn to recognise your friends just by looking at their eyes. It’s an important skill to have.
Take one random trip to eat bhajiya and chai in Lonavala or Sinhagad. Or both. 

Preferably in the middle of the night or early morning, on your bike, bang in the middle of monsoon. Make sure it’s unplanned, else the trip is ruined before it happens. Planned ones never do anyway.
Know the impressive history of Pune

Serious about this one; Pune has a wonderful and rich history, seeped in heritage and culture.
Go one step further by learning Marathi and respond to any language in Marathi. We all do it. 
Kadla na??

Last but not the least, talk about how much you love Pune. This one’s going to be the easiest, because guaranteed you’ll fall in love with it!
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