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Living the Pune Dream – When Pune Became Home

One week in Morocco and I had already started to miss my friends back home. Wait, did I say back home? Is Pune home now? 

Dear Diary, I don’t understand… 
I stared out the aircraft window, barely able to gather my thoughts. I had no idea what life would be like, or no clue where it was leading. I just knew that my heart ached, but I couldn’t understand why? I was going back home! It was over- the struggle, the heat, the exams. All done. Why wasn’t I happy? I shut the blind, put on my WAKE ME UP FOR FOOD sign and let myself drift off to sleep… Yet another new chapter of my life had taken off with the plane.

Day 1
Oh my god, look at these wide, beautiful roads lined with palm trees! Oh, there’s the beach!! I can SEE the ocean! I LOVE how peaceful and quiet it is, without the sound of cars honking incessantly. The air feels so friggin’ FRESH! It’s CLEAN! I am SO happy to be home!! All the couscous, pasta and pizza in the world await! Eeeeep!

Day 7
Someone get me a damn vada pav?!!
Day 10
I went out clubbing today! The party started at 12 AM, man I got so sleepy. Also, I didn’t meet a SINGLE person that I already know. It was the strangest feeling.
Day 15
It’s 5 in the morning in Morocco and I’m still awake. I shut my laptop and let out a long sigh. One week in Morocco and I had already started to miss my friends back home! Wait, did I say back home? Is Pune home now?

Day 30
I’ve been in Morocco for a month now. I sit in my balcony window with my cup of tea, but it just doesn’t feel the same. It’s just too quiet! There’s a pull in my belly which makes me reminisce back to my balcony in Pune, relishing my chaha while breathing in the smell of wet earth as the sound of rain outside washes over the city with a sense of calm. You know that everybody is watching the first rains from their window and smiling. Somehow, in that moment, you feel connected to everyone.
Day 40
I’ve mostly spent time with my family and I cannot put into words how amazing that feels. I’ve met a few friends, but I mostly feel disconnected from them, and many of them have gone abroad. I like how everybody is close and connected in Pune, you’re bound to keep meeting new people. It’s so easy to find like-minded friends.
Day 55
Morocco is fun, especially because I feel like a tourist all over again! I’ve already traveled to a few cities nearby, been to gorgeous resorts, spas, dinners, the Aquapark and the beach!!! Why did I still miss Pune? I definitely missed the people. I missed being able to get out EVERY single day, whether it was for a coffee, a movie, or chaat! Even though it wasn’t fancy, we had something to do everyday.
I miss how connected everyone is, somehow making the entire city feel like home. If you live even for a year in Pune, I’m sure you’ll never have a lonely day. Maybe it’s not the place I missed so much, but the vibe.
Day 60
I’m going back home. I’m going home to Pune!

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