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Living the Pune Dream – To Goodbyes and New Beginnings

Somewhere between changing apartments and flatmate hunting, college has ended. Where did these last three years go? 

Dear Diary,
Somewhere between changing apartments and flatmate hunting, college has ended. Where did these last three years go? 

Well, to be totally honest with myself, and you, we all know where these years went. We ate, drank and slept them away. College days were spent binging on vada pavs and Maggie, at least for us bachelors. They were spent drinking RS at a friend’s house while playing UNO. Some days were spent in college. The rest were spent calculating whether we really needed to go to class in the morning, until we fell back asleep. Boy, were we a lazy bunch! While students in the rest of the country/world were hustling towards their dreams, the students of Pune decided to sleep in.
Eventually though, college life had to come to an end. Along with it so did the partying three times a week, staying up all night to study and basically the insane lifestyle we all lived. How did we even survive? Thankfully, it was also the end of my flat/roommate hunting. Some were applying for their masters, some were moving back home, and some were getting ready for placements. All of a sudden it dawned upon me that college life was really over.
I was going to miss so many things about this phase, especially how simple it was. I would miss how plans to meet up meant getting some Maggie at Anna’s. I would miss how catching up with a friend didn’t need a fancy dinner but a walk around Koregaon Park. I was going to miss riding down to the Chandni Chowk CCD at wee hours of the night. I was going to miss the mad parties too! There was no more snoozing the alarm. No more calculating attendance every morning. There were going to be no more afternoons spent just chilling at Buddha’s Paradise. No more bunking class to watch movies at Inox!
There were definitely some things I wouldn’t miss, I thought to myself as I looked around the mess we had made of the room and house. Somewhere between High Spirits and missed lectures, we had grown up. Well, at least some of us had.

It might have been the end of college life but it was the beginning of a new one, a real one. I realised that my three years in Pune had given me much more than just a beer belly, it had given me so many memories to cherish, so many lessons, friendships that would last a lifetime, and love. It was time to go home. I watched my new friend struggle with my big, fat bag as he made his way down the narrow staircase. Goodbye was going to be hard.
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