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Living the Pune Dream – The Series (Part III)

Dear Diary, I think I’m done with the dirty dishes under my bed and going on a treasure hunt for clean clothes. I need to move.

Dear Diary, I think I’m done with the dirty dishes under my bed and going on a treasure hunt for clean clothes. I need to move.

The first year of being just a Girl in Pune was lived in a hostel. After a year of making Maggi with kettles, making excuses to go out and basically living life permission to permission, I was done. As amazing an experience hostel life with 30 girls had been, it was time to move on. It was time to begin the much dreaded ‘flat-hunt’. Little did I know that finding a flat was not going to be the biggest of my challenges.

Challenge no. 1 – The Paying Guest

I didn’t really have anyone to move in with, and staying alone was never going to be an option, because very protective, NRI parents. I thought, why not a PG? This whole concept was entirely new to me, but how bad could it be after living in a hostel? I walked into my first PG and quickly realised I was wrong. A small room cramped with 4 – 6 single beds, little lockers for closets, a gas set-up in the corner and one attached bathroom. The rest I saw weren’t any different, but the rules definitely got more absurd with each. This was not going to happen.

Challenge no. 2 – The Landlords

After my failed attempt to find a PG, I was fortunate enough to make a few friends to move in with, thus began the flat-hunt. If you think you’ve had the worst of it with the Riksha-wala rejections, you’re in for a big surprise. We trudged along dejected, from one landlord to another, who had the same thing to say – “Sorry, families only”. Why this hatred toward us bachelors? Where were we to go? We finally settled for an old building in the lush areas of Koregaon Park, with chunna falling from walls, old furniture with nails sticking out of it and a list of restrictions. We gratefully accepted our clauses of the society gates closing at 11, no boys, no friends coming over, no parties, no noise and no life for a roof over our head. Bachelor Life.   

Challenge no. 3 – Roommates

A year went by in our dilapidated little home, then it began. The problem with living with other bachelors who aren’t from the same city, is that they eventually move. From the four of us, one was going to get married, the other didn’t want to stay without her best friend, and the third, in the process of finding new flatmates, found herself a new home! I took to our popular websites and social media to find myself three new roommates. Things didn’t work out with the new three and eventually had to leave the house! I moved in with two of my friends, then one left, the other two of us moved with two other people to a bigger house, then another had to leave and so on and so forth. Thus, I became the Serial Roommate Hunter.

It took me about five houses and 15 roommates to finally find one I think I can live with happily ever after – my cat!   

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