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Sancheti Hospital introduces the 'Home Remedy Plan'

The ‘Home Remedy Plan’ a course which is introduced by the Sancheti Hospital aims at enabling individuals in understanding how to treat not just themselves but even aid others in situations of  minor injuries. Today the course was launched at the hands of Hon’ble. Smt. Pratibhatai Patil (Ex President) along with Padmavibhushan Dr. K.H. Sancheti and Mrs. Manisha Sanghavi, Exec. Dir – Sancheti Healthcare Academy. 

The course gives a better understanding on how to take care of individuals in case of minor accidents without having had to rush to the hospitals. The course further offers them an opportunity to them for jobs at private hospitals, nursing homes, old ages homes, day care centers, etc. The course is open for all those who are interested in educating themselves in methods and ways to take care of their family in case of minor injuries.

The goal of the course is for participants to become familiar with natural home remedies and incorporate them into daily life.  Participants will gain hands on experience making simple remedies at home. Participants will have the opportunity to make a home remedy kit that they can continue to build on over time. It can help to initiate the first stage of treatment that a person may get in case an injury occurs to ensure that the injury does not prove to be fatal.

The course gives a better understanding on how to take care of individuals in case of minor accidents without having had to rush to the hospitals.

Speaking at the occasion Padmavibhushan Dr. K.H. Sancheti said, “ It is quite a landmark that our hospital is offering this course to further educate people to take care of their well being and how to cope with injuries if they suddenly arise. It is also a great honor that Pratibha Tai Patil came to inaugurate this course and we are humbled at this gesture of hers.”

Mrs. Shamla Desai (Founder and Secretary of Gallantry Medical and Education Trust); Hon Smt. Pratibhatai Patil (Ex President of India); Padmavibhushan Dr. K.H. Sancheti; Mrs. Manisha Sanghavi (Executive Director – Sancheti Healthcare Academy)

Mrs. Manisha Sanghavi, Exec Director, Sancheti Healthcare Academy said, “ This course will make people aware of what actions to take when an injury occurs and how it can be helpful to implement a remedy in the situation. People will be well acquainted with further safety measures that can help them cope with the initial stages of an injury and can help them in order to know what is to be done if an accident occurs. “
Mrs. Shamla Desai – Founder and Secretary of Gallantry Medical and Education Trust said, “It is an honor to be associated with a reputed hospital in order to flag off this course. This will go a long way as it can prove to be beneficial to both Sancheti Hospital and to the Gallantry Medical and Education Trust. Flagging off this course in Sancheti will surely attract many people as it is a course that can enhance the life skill of safety and what to do during an injury as it will prove to be a great start to the course and possibly, a new skill set in the lives of people”

The requirement for applying for the course would be a 12th grade qualification certificate with minimum percentage of 50% . The age group for this is between 17- 30 years of age. The individual needs to be mentally and emotionally stable for undergoing the course. The fee for this course is Rs.6,000/- for six months (Rs.1,000/- per month has to be paid)  It will acquaint one with the remedies that can be done at home in case to avoid injuries.  The course will be conducted at Sancheti Healthcare Academy, Shivajinagar from 10 am to 1 pm.  On successful completion of the course, a certificate would be provided jointly by Sancheti Healthcare Academy and Gallantry Medical and Educational Trust.