7 Things Every True Punekar Loves Dearly

In tribute to the month of love, we give you 7 things that every Punekar loves! Let’s take another trip down nostalgia lane, shall we?

In tribute to the month of love, we give you 7 things that every Punekar loves! Let’s take another trip down nostalgia lane, shall we? 


Religious or not, assal Punekars love Ganeshotsav. They may complain about the sanctity of the day (thanks to Sheila Ki Jawani blasting on speakers), but they still cannot resist breaking into a dance when that Dhol Tasha comes out! Also, how can we forget the yummies? Karanjis, Shankar Palis, Modaks and so much more!


Bun-Maska-Chai. Chaha-ani-Pohe. JJ Garden Wada Pav and chaas. Hai na?

Weekend Getaways

How could you not? You don’t have to crave a vacation when you’re living in Pune. There are a plethora of beautiful places to visit, from lakes to mountains and beaches, all a stone’s-throw distance away! All you need to do is pack your bags, book a room, and off you go!


Punekars might claim to love the monsoons and romanticise it, but only because the city is parched in the summers so the monsoon is a welcome change. The fun of the rains only last the first week or two though. The true love of a Punekar is winter. It’s just the right amount of cold to wear cute sweaters and boots without freezing. It’s the BEST time to take a trip to the nearby mountains. Even the chai tastes better!

A Good Haggle

A Punekar may shop at malls and get excited over H&M opening in the city, but the real fun lies in shopping at FC road and MG Road. Nothing beats the feeling of a good haggle over Rs.30 or Rs. 50. It’s the birthright of a Punekar to haggle! You also tend to find everything you need here, from the most fashionable clothing to a charging cable you lost.

Bike Rides

Doesn’t matter if you’ve got four BMWs lying in your garage, a bike is always preferable! Bike rides in the dead of the night just for a thrill are a highlight of one’s day. Even better if you bring your gang along to watch the sunrise in Lonavala or Sinhgad, early in the morning. Take it to Goa if you dare!

Culture and History

Pune’s residents love the culture and the history of the city they live in, and why should they not? Pune boasts of a rich history and was an integral part of India’s freedom movement. It’s given shelter to some of the most powerful freedom fighters of the nation, including Mahatma Gandhi. Even the British hadn’t been able to resist its charm and so it was once their holiday home. Even today, it is the retirement home to many army officers.

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