Pune International Film Festival – Day 2

Marathi Movie – Ghuma (Shortlisted in Marathi competition section)

Speakers – Mahesh Kale, Director, Avinash Makaskar, Associate Director and Sharad Jadhav, Lead Actor

Speaking on the occasion, Mahesh said, “This movie showcases a story of rural India where a farmer wants to enroll his son into an English Medium School. He doesn’t have enough money but he is adamant as he believes that one day his son will get a well paid high profile job which will wipe out all his problems”.

He further added, “We must do something about the quality of education in the rural India. Parents have to push themselves to teach their children in English Medium School which is a new FAD these days and still they end up getting poor quality education”.

The success of this film will only be real if at least few parents learn this truth and change their perception accordingly”.

Sharad said, “Though I have been a part of theatres, acting in this film was challenging. I had to understand the character in depth to show case those wordless emotions but Mahesh helped me a lot to express myself on the screen”.

Marathi Movie – Weather Report

Speakers – Ravi Davala, Director, Abhijeet Dass, Actor, Amulya Chandra, Cameraman

The financial institutes have turned into the villains of the modern world.

This is a film which happens in cosmopolitan Pune, so it has no language identity as such. The characters speak Hindi, Marathi and English as per the situation. This is because we think in one language and speak in other. Thus, the movie had no concrete script as such.

Its shooting went on for about 3 years. The characters shown in this film are very common and anyone can find them in their surroundings.

The personified fear in the film has no dialogue. The film had that concept of fear which was thematically characterized.

Marathi Movie – Ek Te Char Band

Speakers – Apurv Sathe, Director and Produer, Nikhil Khaire, Writer, Padmanabh Bind, Lead Actor, Deepak Menon, Cinematographer

This is a typical Puneri film which is on Punekars, by Punekars and shot in Pune.

It’s about the recent transition that this city has gone through. It has become a cosmopolitan city from senior citizen’s city.

It showcases 3 couples in the city, who try to balance their life in this changing world. They have aspirations of the modern world but are not yet prepared to abscond their old life, culture and heritage. This confusion, aspirations and evolution has been screened in this movie.

It beautifully demonstrates the textural value of the location. It shows old city area bit warmer, cozy while the newly developed city is clean, sterile and lifeless.

Portuguese Movie – Correspondences

Speakers – Rita Gomes, Director

Inspired by the letters exchanged between two leading Portuguese poets Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen and Jorge de Sena.

The correspondences between these two poets is a testimony to their quest for the freedom during a period where Portugal’s fascist regime was under increasing pressure.

These letters offer an insight into the profound affinity between two human beings.

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