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5 Pune-Based Start-Ups to Watch Out for in 2017 – Part II

Right then! On with the list. We’re counting down some of the most promising start-ups Pune and here’s continuing with the list. In case you missed the first part, here it is!

Right then! On with the list. We’re counting down some of the most promising start-ups in Pune and here’s continuing with the list. In case you missed the first part, here it is!



Unlike traditional design and advertising agencies, Firebrand is a collaborative platform of designers and strategists from all over the world, who are handpicked by Chief Brand Strategist, Ankita Nandkeolyar. Firebrand provides a range of services that include market research, brand strategy and design communication. Notably, within a span of one year, the company has successfully helped create brands for a wide array of companies like – Boteco – a Brazilian themed restaurant, Fabogo – a beauty and wellness app, Riky – a disruptive hyper local advertising platform, Indian Art store based in Sydney and Amour Ice creams, to name a few. “With the rise in the start-up culture and exposure to the world, entrepreneurs are realising that branding isn’t just about a beautiful logo or a sub-division of marketing, but a belief system that forms the foundation of businesses and how companies work” says Ankita.


Founded by Shashwat Pradhan in early 2014, Emberify is a leading quantified self and lifelogging platform. The products they create provide personal analytics so that people can change the way they perceive themselves and improve their lives based on this data. Their mobile product ‘Instant’ helps people track their lives automatically to help them live healthier and more productive lives. Instant automatically monitors the time spent on your phone, be it while traveling, sleeping and on fitness activities. It also has a chat-bot coach and reports to help you understand how you can spend your time in a better way.


Trobe is an online fashion marketplace for pre-owned branded apparel. This peer-to-peer platform gives women the chance to sell and buy hardly-used clothes for some great discounts. Since Trobe is a curation service, they ensure that everything listed with them is still fashionably relevant, sans any rips or stains, so that the seller can make money on her coveted style and the buyer can drive home a bargain. And with the average price of items on sale being between anywhere between INR 500-3000, we’d say it was a steal for sure! Trobe currently caters to Pune and Mumbai only.


Easymeat was started by three meat enthusiasts- Karan Singh, Vijeta Singh and Shiva Sharan in their quest for finding fresh meat in the city. Karan Singh, who is also a fitness buff, came up with the idea of creating a fresh meat brand for chicken, mutton and sea food, and just like that, Easymeat was born! Easymeat ties up with organic farms where they cut and clean fresh meat in their warehouses to ensure quality and hygiene. Easymeat provides home delivery of fresh chicken, mutton, seafood and exotic meats like turkey, county chicken, quail, prawns, crab, lobster, and caviar etc., all across Pune. They’re set to open four premium retail stores in Pune by the end of 2017. Also, worth checking out by Easymeat co-founders Vijeta Singh and Shiva Sharan is DrumUp, a new-age marketing agency that helps brands to enhance their image and help them open new sales channels.

Green Carrot

Who says healthy food can’t be delicious? Green Carrot, brain child of brother-sister duo Shiven and Siya Rajore, is a health food delivery service that aims to break the stereotype that healthy food is all about boring old salads. Green Carrot offers healthy, wholesome and super delicious meals that’ll forever change the way you look at healthy food. Also by the duo is The Hungry Owl, a midnight food delivery service that operates between 9 pm and 5 am and serves up snacky food at affordable rates to satiate those odd hour cravings.

So there you have it! Our picks for some of the most promising start-ups to keep an eye out for in 2017. Know of a start-up we should keep an eye out for? Do tell! We’d love to hear all about it!