Movie Review

Befikre. Why did I watch it?

I’ve recently subjected myself to a spate of bad films. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil was top of this list. Never mind what everyone said about he sensitive handling of “unrequited love” and all that bull. It’s a disconnected movie with over-the-top performances and a very weak story. It starred Ranbir Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai and Anushka Sharma in the lead. As if this wasn’t enough, Fawad Khan was brought in for added oomph factor (for a role that could really have been done by anyone). Was directed by Karan Johar who owns love as a theme in the movies.
Then along comes Befikre. Mistake 1 – I reached the theatre sober. Mistake 2 – I bought food at the concession stand and spent almost as much as I did on tickets. Mistake 3 – I didn’t sleep through the movie.

The Story.

Honestly, there isn’t one. But let’s assume there is. It’s about a Delhi boy who goes to Paris to become successful as a stand up. Why Paris? Because someone he knows lives there. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t speak French. Together they want to own “desis” in Paris. Yay! Day 1 he finds housing with a lesbian couple. And he’s planning to make out with them. Day 2, he heads to a party hoping to pick up girls. Focused goals for sure.
Of course, our hero is successful as he meets our leading lady and so begins their affair based on dares. He wins, they sleep together and decide to part ways. But he can’t and fast forward, they move in, have a torrid one-year-long affair and have had enough of each other. Whatever. So they part ways. Only to get back together as friends. He helps her love a perfectly good man only to steal her away at her (their) wedding.
Along the way, there’s cliches of all sorts and a whole lot of stereotyping and cringe-worthy gags. The immaturity was not enough to fit into a whole theatre.


Ranveer is honest and energetic. Vaani can act, too. No one else matters.


In this age of demonetisation, you want to save money. You also want to ensure that your digital wallets aren’t stretched for such frivolous expenses. Go watch Kahaani 2 if you must but for God’s sake, save yourself and steer clear of this atrocity. That a Friday night 9PM show was 30% full proves how bad it is.