7 Priceless Treasures in Pune that Cost Close to Nothing


While you must have broken your piggy bank to survive through the last week and are probably wondering what to do with that bright pink note this week, I am going to point out the priceless treasures in Pune that cost close to nothing.

So while the country comes back to track after the whirlwind demonetisation scheme of our beloved Modiji, you can indulge in life’s simple pleasures and thank your stars that some things in life don’t need you to run to the ATM or stand in ridiculously long lines at the bank!

Watch exotic birds in their gleeful abandon at Pashan Lake


A bird-watcher’s paradise, Pashan Lake is a peaceful haven away from all the chaos of the city. Carry your binoculars to witness the brilliance of vibrant-coloured aquatic birds and remind yourself that life is what you live in moments like these!

Take an early morning cycle tour of the Pune University


Smack in the middle of the city lies this oasis of green that is full of ancient trees, hidden ponds and charming gardens that are waiting to be explored. Breathe in some fresh air and allow yourself a fresh perspective!

Enjoy world class performances at Mazda Hall


Alliance Francaise regularly organises some top notch musical performances featuring some very talented classical musicians from around the world. Most of these have free entry and are on a first-come-first-seat basis. You can experience melodies from Bach, Mozart and other great artistes for absolutely free!

Poetry Slam at Gyaan Adab

Gyan Adab is a venue that hosts lots of interesting events and is especially famous for the poetry slam which is an open mic for budding poets. You’d be surprised with the talent in the crowd!

Meditate at the Zen Garden


The Pu La Deshpande garden is a magical place that is beautifully landscaped with ponds, fountains and vivid flowers that are grown with expert care. A very modest entry fee will give you access to this gorgeous place that is perfect for a few deep, meditative breaths.

Geocaching on the hills of Pune


Too broke for a movie? Download the geocaching app and head out to the verdant hills of Pune looking for a hidden cache (box). This treasure hunt takes you to beautiful hidden corners that you may not have seen before. The app gives you plenty of clues along with the latitude and longitude of the caches that are hidden in these magnificent hills.

Listen to the soothing hymns at Hari Krishna Mandir

The Hari Krishna Temple at Model Colony is set in a charming bungalow in a lush green lane opposite the Chitranjan Vatika park. Every evening, a bunch of people gather to sing hymns and prayers at this incredibly peaceful place that is as simple as it is beautiful.

So take this chance to remind yourself and your kids that most things that make you smile in life are absolutely free!