5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Misal Pav


For ever and ever, living in Pune, the healthiest food before the fad of all alternate grains hit us was Misal Pav. Loaded with spices and a ton of pulses (read protein), this was the quintessential Sunday breakfast.

Misal pav can be experimented with and jazzed up to be a gourmet dish. I mean really, it’s Misal Pav; what better than comfort food that also doubles up as gourmet cuisine. This is not just a delicious and healthy dish, but it is SOUL food. Here are five ways to jazz up the traditional Misal Pav to be a thick favourite on a pan-Indian palette…


Aloo Chaat Misal Pav

Boil a couple of potatoes, slice them thin (vertically), add a dash of a site de colocation gay thikhat chutney (coriander, mint, chilli and salt) and hit it with a sweet chutney (dates, vinegar, honey , a hint of salt and red chilli powder). Yes yes, the sweet chutney also has chilli and salt. But balance flavours, amiright? So basically toss the potatoes in all the http://fili.hu/elisey/4815 chaat masala and chutneys and add them on each bowl of missal pav. Voila!

Dahi Misal Twist

Dahi Misal has been a life saviour for most “healthy” people. Add four spoonfuls of rencontre du troisieme type musique note dahi, douse it in chutney and scoop it over the Misal. Totally worth it!

Misal Sunny Side Up

Who stopped at Misal Pav for dinner? Go ahead, take it the whole hog. Just a simple sunny side up topped on a bowl of Misal is a winner.

Cornflakes Misal Pav

Sure you can have Missal pav for breakfast. Just add some corn flakes (crushed) to your Misal bowl, or add some oats and oven grill them until glory. And there you have it, a healthier than thou brekky!

Healthy Misal Pav

The last but definitely not the least; how about adding a layer of spinach and ricotta to it? Add it, and never ever worry. Just keep the layers constant.

Which one do you want to try first? Comment and tell us! 


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