Koregaon Park Food Trail (Part II)

Koregaon Park is one place that will never run out of options in fine-dine. From quaint little new places like The Asian Box, to the our time-old favorites like Malaka Spice, Koregaon Park has it all!

Koregaon Park is one place that will never run out of options in fine-dine. From quaint little new places like The Asian Box, to the our time-old favorites like Malaka Spice, Koregaon Park has it all!

Malaka Spice


An absolute classic in Koregaon Park, Malaka Spice is the original Asian restaurant in the locality – they serve a vast menu of Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean Food. My favourite part is their outside seating, decorated with large lamps and star-shaped lights, which transport you to a wonderland. When it comes to food, picking a dish from their huge menu is a nightmare, but to start with their Top Hats are a huge hit – only if you can handle the spice though! I’d recommend their Chicken in Pandanu, boneless kebabs marinated in herbs and Thai paste, friend in wraps of Pandanu leaves. For main course as well, we’ve mostly stuck by Thai at Malaka Spice – Their Red or Green Thai Curry with rice is our usual.

Lane 5, Cost for 2: Rs. 2000

The Asian Box


A quaint little place situated in lane no. 6, The Asian Box is a Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, Burmese, and Indonesian restaurant. Their menu is short and sweet, with the signature dishes from each cuisine. Their Japanese Prawn Tempura is one of our usual dishes. Another favourite is the Indoneisan Nasi Goreng which, by the way, received 100% approval from my friend who has eaten the authentic version of the dish in Indonesia. It is a type of Indonesian rice, served with satay, fried egg, sambal and crackers. The best part is, The Asian Box is pretty light on the pocket, so you can go there anytime!

Lane 6, Cost for Two: 1000

Café 1730


Café 1730’s delectable dishes are much more impressive than it’s modest, European-café style interiors. Their menu consists of European, Continental, North Indian and Goan food with some fresh goodies from their in-house bakery. Personal favourites are their Potato, Pepper and Cheese Croquettes, which have just the perfect amount of crunch and the Cottage Cheese Paprika Pimento which is a great continental rendition of the Paneer Tikka Starter. The Paneer Tikka Zaffrani is also tough competition to its continental brother. It is way too tough to pick a favourite from their main course – I love nearly all of their Indian dishes, which are absolutely rich and creamy. Their steaks are equally good! Only drawback is that it’s slightly on the steeper side, but worth it!

Lane 6, Cost for 2: 2000

Copper Chimney


In the mood for some Indian food? Head right to Copper Chimney! They serve a deliciously large menu of North Indian, and Afghani food, and they are known for their Biryanis. They deserve a lot more credit than they get for their reasonably priced, all-you-can-eat buffet which is held every day at noon. We decided to hit one of these buffets and came out a few KGs heavier. The spread is pretty impressive that ranges all the way from chaats to desserts! True to their name, they serve delicious biryanis and the desi in me just couldn’t get enough of their rendition of Daal Makhni, the Daal Maharaja.

Lane 7, Cost for Two: 1000

The Addah, O-Hotel


A mesmerizingly, gorgeous rooftop restaurant that serves authentic North Indian food that will leave you equally spell-bound! It is one of the few places that serves a Sikandar Raan, slowcooked, baby leg of lamb. If you aren’t in the mood for lamb, their other kebabs are also equally good, so you can take your pick! Their biryanis are aromatic and rich in a flavorful spices that will leave your taste-buds wanting more. Their Murgh Khurchan and the Amritsari Jhinga Curry are a must-try! All-in-all, with their mouth-watering food and beautiful poolside ambience, it’s a beautiful fine-dine experience.

North Main Road, Cost for 2: 2200