Top Picks from the RushHrs’ Menu – #PunekarEats


Since our last burger binge at RushHrs, we hopped over a second time to try out more from their menu. One of Pune’s home-grown joint, this place is fast becoming one of our top picks for a quick meal. Here are our favourite dishes…

singulair price Veg Big Rush: Double veg patty loaded with yummy cheese. A must-try if you are a vegetarian and are really, really hungry. vitalize Popeye Tikki: The name says it all – a spinach and paneer crispy patty with wheat bread, this is sure to get you feeling strong like Popeye. All this for a low price of Rs. 99 only.

singulair cost navigate Spanish Stufflette: Garlic potatoes stuffed between eggs with onions, tomatoes and mayo, this one checks all the boxes in our food book.

upgrade Chicken Bomber Big Rush: Double spicy chicken filet with cheese, this really ups the protein content. With a side of fries, it’s a complete meal.

contract Classic Chicken Nuggets: Marinated in RushHrs special recipe and then grilled, they are a taste snack in between meals. This is also available in bomber style, which adds a lot of spice to the nuggets.

reddit hook up subs Bomber Wings: Juicy and succulent chicken wings on the bone with generous coating of bomber wing sauce; just make sure you have enough napkins to clean up after this one. Yummy food goals!

sie sucht ihn bad windsheim Corn Cheese Nuggets: This is for the baccha party, but adults enjoy them just as much. Corn and cheese nuggets fried to a golden brown hue, served with your choice of dipping sauce.

southern california full hookup camping Rajma Masala Rice: Decently spiced rajma on a bed of fluffy rice, this is as good as any simple Indian food gets. Portions are more than enough to fill one person up. Paneer Bomber Wrap: Spicy grilled paneer with veggies in a wrap grilled to perfection. Options of maida or whole wheat wrap base is also available.

We all have our favourite dishes at every establishment and these are our nine picks of the best that RushHrs has to offer! I’ll make sure to list down more must-haves after our next meal there.