The Best Burgers at RushHrs – #PunekarEats

A couple of days ago, a bunch of us team members headed over to RushHrs to satiate our craving for burgers. And, satiate we did. The number of burger options had our heads reeling. Though I must say, this home-grown joint does justice to the American staple dish. Our top picks are listed below…

Classic Veg: A delicious crispy mixed veg patty, just the way a classic veg is supposed to be; the lip-smacking toppings and flavours make this one is steal for Rs 85.

Aloo Big Rush: Because potatoes are where life’s at. A heavenly potato burger with double patties, cheese, veggies and your choice of sauce; a vegetarian’s dream. All this for a price of Rs. 105. Can’t beat that.

Paneer Chipotle Burger: A Patty of Paneer, grilled to perfection and served with a spicy chipotle sauce, this burger is a must-have for spicy food lovers. Paneer done right.

Egg Big Rush: If you’re an eggitarian like me, this triple egg and cheese burger is for people like us who love their protein. Especially when we get it served on brown bread. This can be one muscle building meal!

Chicken Chilli Cheese Stufflette: Chicken filet and double cheese stuffed between eggs, the only thing this burger is missing is the kitchen sink. Loaded with all that cheesy goodness and juicy chicken, this one is a must-have for all the bird lovers.

Mutton Bomber: Buns stuffed with spicy mutton kheema making for a burger that’s more than filling for a single person only at Rs. 155. That’s a bomber for sure.

All the burgers are available in white or wheat bread. You can customise the burgers as you please with seven sauce options along with five veggie options. With nine locations to serve Pune, home-grown RushHrs is setting a mark!

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