An Open Letter to Fellow Punekars

Fellow Punekars,

This is an open letter to you. So, let me begin by saying, do take offense, please.

Dear Punekar, I know you love your city, but you sure as hell have a funny way of showing it; especially when you leave your trash splattered all over the footpath outside. I can see you bursting with pride, when you climb Pune’s beautiful forts, boast of their history, and leave your mark behind in the form of red stains and spit. When you climb the mountains on your weekend getaway and show your appreciation with pollution.

Dear Prying Punekars, I know you’ve been here since the beginning of time, but show a little kindness to us outsiders and youngsters. We don’t feel welcome when you refuse to rent us apartments, and when you continue to pry into our lives, and when you look down upon us if we can’t speak Marathi. I’m only trying to make a living, paying taxes and helping your city in turn.

Dear Punekar, God forbid that I look white or foreign because you’ll welcome me with higher fares, higher prices and take me for a fool. It doesn’t really make me want to come back and boost your tourism.

Dear Official Punekars, my disappointment runs as deep as the many potholes my city’s roads have everytime you make promises you fail to keep. When you begin making the road during a new election, and cheap out on the job, only to find it ruined at the first drop of rain.

Dear Punekars complaining about the traffic, you are the traffic! When you break signals, don’t know how to keep a line, stop in the middle of the damn road to speak on your phone, drive the wrong way, squeeze your bike so close that I can feel your breath on my neck, you are the traffic!

It’s high time Pune move away from the things that plague it. Because hidden behind the immense pride of its residents, in the nooks and corners of this beautiful city, are ugly stains that only we can remove. So I urge you to spread the message and make a difference, fellow Punekar.

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I think the Writer fails to understand that most of the mentioned ramblings are done by Non-Punekars. Also we don’t want to be French in the way of Living to let annoying Drunk/Drug Parties take place in our neighbourhood, we care for our peace & our awesome neighbours. Mentioning infrastructure to crib about the city is so 2001, you have plenty of places here to get education, plenty of jobs for everyone from almost every city in India, great communities & cultural presence & most important the essence of pune – Unity in Diversity!

Reply to Dipika Asnani
1) First things first. There is nothing unique about the complaints. Go to any city in India, and you will find “Outsiders” complaining exactly the same thing. So why single out Pune alone?
2) Marathi is our mother tongue and Pune is bastion of Marathi. So we will flaunt our pride of Marathi. If you do not want to learn Marathi, that is your problem, not ours.
3) Pune was a quaint sleepy town till 2000s which has suddently exploded and grew exponentially. We are still trying out ways to figure with it. So give us a break! If a city designed for 10 lakh citizens gets 35 lakh odd residents there is bound to be pressure on infrastructure. So it is not our fault.
4) We have very many “Outsiders” who have fond memories of Pune City and are raving about it. If you settle down in Pune city, 20 years down you will write similar reply.

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