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This Lady Runs the Most Unique Book Store in Pune!

This Lady Runs the Most Unique Book Store in Pune!

Tucked away from the cacophony of traffic, this little book store in Koregaon Park is a boon for book lovers. The bookstore is run by Sophia and is aptly called Sophia’s Book Store. This inconspicuous looking store has a great collection of literary books. The best part about the store is that one can buy some rare literary gems on second hand price. Sophia sources literary books of various languages.

FullSizeRender(7)Sophia started this book store with a budget of one thousand five hundred in the year 1994. Today, when one needs a book which they can’t find at big multinational book stores in the city, they can head to her store. Sophia goes to great lengths to procure a book for her customers. One can find books of Marathi literature to vintage French fashion magazines of 1930’s in the store.

“Books have been such a big part of my story. They have built bridges for me where I wouldn’t even dream of going.” Sophia says. Her knowledge of books is tremendous. This bookaholic can advise you about the kind of book you should pick according to your need and persona. Sophia is from South India but has made Pune her home. Her favorite books are Mi Kasā Jhālo and Karheche Pāni by Prahlād Keshav Atre.

She also loves reading autobiographies and biographies. Her favorite is Leo Tolstoy’s biography. “After reading Leo Tolstoy’s biography, I couldn’t read any other for a while as his story overwhelmed me and for days, I wanted to savour the book in my mind.” Sophia said.

Well, there are some places which define a neighborhood and sometimes define a city. I wouldn’t be wrong if I say that Sophia’s bookstore is one such corner of Pune city. So, if you visit Koregaon Park, don’t forget to walk into this great old book store that also carries the wonderful fragrance of old books and ask for Sophia!

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