6 Great Late Night Food Home Deliveries in Pune!

Late Night Food Home Deliveries in Pune!

There’s one thing nearly all 20-something year olds have in common – feeling hungry at socially unacceptable timings. It is always at those odd hours where food seems like a scarcity, or those after party hunger pangs when even opening the fridge door is a task in itself. Well, worry not Punekar, because here come to your rescue places that will bring you delicious food to your doorstep in the wee hours of the night. Oh thank the Heavens for these spots! 

Burger 11, Kalyani Nagar


If a greasy, juicy and lip-smacking burger is what your stomach is grumbling for in the dead of the night, this is the place for you! Although they are most popular for their Buffmeister Burger, I can also vouch for their Way of Veg Burger (comes with a crunchy veg patty), and Chicken Burger (very juicy!) as well. For those with smaller appetites, they offer the same delicious patties in the form of sandwiches rather than burgers, as well as a small variety of starters and desserts. They deliver all over Pune. 

Phone number: +91 7720042784
Cost for Two: Rs. 600/-

Midnight Mario


If you’re greedy enough to look for more variety at this ungodly hour and in your wasted state – check out Midnight Mario. It is a recent venture that offers you a variety of Finger Foods, Sandwiches, Burgers, Pastas and Pizzas. Their Jucy Lucy lamb burger is a must try! For the more hungry souls, they have an option of Super Meals; complete meals at super reasonable prices. If you’re Desi through-and-through you can opt for something under their Desi Mario section, which has favourites like your Butter Chicken and Rajma Chawal! They even have a special section for the hungry but broke that provides you with survival food at “month end” rates. These guys deliver from 10 pm until 5 am! 

Phone number: 020 30189865
Cost for Two: Rs. 600/-

The Hungry Owl, Koregaon Park


If you’re a hungry owl yourself you will absolutely love this place – light on the pocket, filling for the stomach and drool-worthy food. They’ve got your usual fast food, from burgers and dogs to pizzas and wraps, as well as mini meal options of Butter Chicken and Paneer Korma. For those who have the serious munchies, they also have cupcakes, brownies, gajar ka halwa and pastries! They also serve some seasonal variations like Mango and Cream.

Phone number:  020 30189258
Cost for 2: Rs. 550/-

Jashn, Salunke Vihar


Looking for a more hearty meal? Jashn it is then! They start serving delicious food from 6:30 pm until 4:30 in the morning. They have a very vast menu starting from rolls and tandoors to gravies in their main course. They also serve Shawarmas and have an entire Chinese menu! So much a variety at the break of dawn! My personal recommendation is the Chicken Tawa Roll – which is served cut up into smaller pieces, making it easy for the drunk you to consume. It’s on the oily side, but the spicy chicken filling makes it totally worth it. They not only deliver yummy food to your doorstep, but you also have a seating area in case you feel like stepping out.

Phone Number: +91 9158830817/+91 7507843759
Cost for 2: Rs. 800/- (for a full meal)

Village Rooftop Lounge & Dining, NIBM


More known for their ambience and sheesha, it is often forgotten that The Village also serves and delivers some good food and alcohol after 12! They offer a rather mixed menu of Continental, Chinese, Sizzlers, North Indian and Mughlai food. Their Butter Chicken is known to be quite a hit from their North Indian menu.

Phone number: 020 30189888
Cost for 2: Rs. 1000/-

Farmaaish, Viman Nagar


One of Pune’s initial late night restaurants and the savior of every college student in the area of Viman Nagar, Farmaaish was once all the rave for the midnight munchies. Although now, nobody raves about how mouth-watering their food is, it is never-the-less a satisfactory option for the ‘hangry’ you. They serve a variety of North Indian food and some Indo-Chinese options, though on the costlier side. They have both home delivery and a seating option.

Phone Numbers: 020 30225259/ 020 26630422
Cost for 2: Rs. 700/- 

Order away, Pune!

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