Don’t be Sexist, Drinking Women Help Run the Economy

‘Free drinks for all the lovely ladies before nine p.m.’. If you haven’t heard that yet, you’re probably living under a rock, or worse- in a dry state. We live in a country where female post graduate students are asked by their own professors why they bothered with the time, money and effort for their education since the point of their existence was merely to get married and produce little bundles of joy and snot, thereby ending their careers.

I could give you a dozen other examples but I’m sure you’ve either witnessed one or are guilty of one. I apologise for the generalisation, and am aware that exceptions occur. Having said that, I am also aware that I may not be successful in appealing to your humanity, so I shall resign myself to appealing to your business acumen.

LadiesNightPromotions such as those drive up bar attendances exponentially in our city. Everybody likes to feel pretty, so the sales of clothing and accessories spike on the Tuesday before Ladies Night on Wednesday. Getting to the venue provides jobs to private chauffeurs, public transport workers as well as millions in revenue and jobs to transport networks such as Uber.

With a little thought, you could link Ladies Night to increased sales of automobiles, petrol and diesel, thereby giving work to lawyers who fight for the conservation of the environment and doctors who treat patients for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Okay, so Ladies Night is bad for my lungs but so is a trip to the capital and we aren’t going to boycott Delhi anytime soon, are we? We all know the hospitality and food industries go hand in hand with the travel and tourism industries, so that’s great, even for the local vegetable/meat vendors and farmers who are the lifeblood of our nation.

If you aren’t convinced yet, let me end by reminding you of all the strapping young men who, vying for attention and assuming women aren’t capable of buying drinks for themselves, empty their own pockets. Following the next morning’s hangover, this forces them to work doubly hard to make up for their losses, and therefore has the potential to make a positive contribution to every industry conceivable.

So dad, need to pay for her wedding? Let her go out and have a drink. It’ll probably wind up making you some money anyway.

This is my first article for ‘The Punekar’ and I suspect you’re wondering what this has to do with our great city. For half a second I thought my editor might wonder the same on first reading this but she can probably see what I’m talking about and it’s time you did, too.

I was brought up in a family where sexism wasn’t commonplace, but was infuriating. I hope you were, too. If you weren’t, it isn’t too late. By all means, hold a door open and pull up a chair. Swallow your voice when it’s about to commit the crime of condescension and find it when it spots one such crime. Let’s have more Ladies Nights and make this city a better place.