13 Traits of a Pakka Punekar!


The Oxford of the East has a lot to offer to the world, but nothing better than a ‘Punekar’. A Punekar is not just a simple resident of Pune, it is a way of life. You can easily identify a typical Punekar if you know where to look. Here’s a list of traits to help you with it!

My opinion, is the ONLY opinion

A Punekar’s opinion is written in stone. Stone, I tell you. Well, not literally, but for us anyway. No other opinion matters. We’re always right. Watch a debate between two Punekars, better yet, between a Mumbaikar and a Punekar; In Sheldon Cooper’s words, “If we were wrong, you don’t think we’d know it?”

My way, is the ONLY way

When it comes to Punekars, the only rule of driving is “take the shortest route”. Now that could mean going through a no-entry zone or using the wrong side of the road. A Punekar will always save fuel and help make the world a better place.

Control time

It has not been scientifically proven yet, but Punekars do have the ability to control time. They can zip around in fast forward mode – wait at the zebra crossing, jump the red light and ride zig-zag to cover a 20-minute ride in less than 10. They can also stop time just to watch people fight on the roads or read an advertisement hoarding.

Directions are easy

For a Punekar, there are only 2 directions – Var (up) and Khali (down). Punekars know the topography of each area within the city so well that giving directions to the common man becomes child’s play – either you roll down the slope or climb up the gradient.

Nostalgia is permanent

A Punekar lives in the past – stories range from battles of the Maratha Empire to the rave parties of Aishwarya farms to how parking was allowed outside Vaishali until 2013. Future is too clichéd, the glory of the past is what makes a true blue Punekar smile.

I hate Mumbai and Mumbaikars

Hating Mumbai & Mumbaikars is a traditional value passed on through generations of Punekars. A Punekar cannot pinpoint a single reason why they hate Mumbai and Mumbaikars but how does the reason matter anyway?

Dirty jokes

A Punekar can never let go of an opportunity to crack a sleaze bomb on Budhwar Peth or Alpana Theatre. Don’t know the relevance? Find a Punekar quickly to know more!

Secret codes

You’ll often hear a Punekar referring to places in codes that only another Punekar can understand – ABC, KP, JM, FC, DP, MG. For a Punekar, abbreviations are cool, classy and chic!

Mi Marathi

Let politicians say anything, there is only one real language for a Punekar – Marathi! You can easily identify a Punekar, if he/she understands multiple languages but only replies back in Marathi. We simply assume everyone understands the language.

Price wars

All the price wars we see these days originated in Pune. The enthusiasm with which a Punekar can bargain has to be seen to be believed. And yes, a Punekar can bargain anywhere – including a hair cutting salon, a chai tapri or a newspaper stall.

Mula, Mutha or Sangam

Every time you’re crossing any bridge across the rivers in Pune, a real Punekar will correctly identify whether the river is Mula, Mutha or the Sangam!

A 2-wheeled life

A common man in India always dreams of owning and driving a 4-wheeler but that’s really not the case for a Punekar. A Punekar’s life is not complete without owning and riding a 2-wheeler.

Pune City

A Punekar is always reassured when he sees the words ‘Pune City’ on the back of auto rickshaws. And a Punekar will use it as evidence when a Mumbaikar calls Pune a village.