Pune Newsmakers – June 20-26

Catch the most important news from Pune in the last 7 days.

Last week (June 20-26) was an eventful one for Pune. From Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit for the Smart City initiative to the onset of monsoon (not connected, really!)… here’s all you need to know.

PM Narendra Modi visits Pune

The much-anticipated visit of PM Modi to Pune was a great opportunity for the city to show off its progress (?) in various fields. During his visit, he offered hope for Metro in Pune, announce a contest for citizen participation, and also faced a boycott from alliance partner Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress for the event. It was also reported that the PMC is feeling the pressure to perform since the PM decided to launch in Pune.
During his visit, he also made it a point to check on the young girl who had written to him for help for her surgery. 🙂

New Airport

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has assured that the site for Pune’s new airport would be finalised within a week. He was speaking at a roundtable with the representatives of the US corporate houses and government officials in Chakan.

CoEP Students put Satellite in Space

The satellite was conceptualised and built by the students of the college with Rs 50 lakh funding. This is perhaps one of the biggest achievements by the illustrious college’s students. 

“It is a great achievement for our college. We get a marginal amount of funds when compared with the national institutes. Yet Swayam is a lesson about how dedicated students, who worked on it for eight years, and a committed faculty can do wonders. Now that we have made a mark, we hope companies will help students and colleges take up such projects by routing their corporate social responsibility funds,” Bhalchandra Chaudhari, deputy director, CoEP said on Wednesday.

Big Business continues to set up in Pune

 Pune continues to be a magnet for big business. “Force Motors on Wednesday inaugurated its brand new facility in Pune, entailing an investment of Rs 100 crore, to supply engines and axles to Mercedes-Benz India.”

Consumer appliances and electronic goods maker Haier India is planning to set up a manufacturing plant at Ranjangaon near Pune with the total investment of Rs 490 crore. The plant will be fully operational by September 2017.

Good News

In other good news, “a young donor’s organ was transported to Sahyadri hospital from Aurangabad through a 230-km stretch of green corridor.” The PMPML has announced an app to east travel woes of its passengers.

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