Pune, Come And Boost Your Business!

Pune, come and boost your business!

ShailiChopraShaili Chopra is one of India’s top television editor-presenters, an author and now a successful digital media entrepreneur. In March 2016, Shaili was announced as one of India’s Top 50 Most Influential Women in Media, Marketing and Advertising by IMPACT Magazine. She is also the founder of two success startups called and SheThePeople.TV

She received India’s highest honour in journalism, The Ramnath Goenka Award, for best in Business Journalism. She also won the Media Foundation Best Business Anchor Award for 2010 and in the same year the Federation of Indian Industry (FICCI) gave her the Young Women’s Achiever Award for contribution to media. She also won the News Television Award for the Best Reporter. I caught up with her to talk about SheThePeople.TV’s upcoming event in Pune…

First off, tell me about SheThePeople.TV

SheThePeople.TV is India’s largest video storytelling platform for women in India. It has become a focal point of inspiration for women leaders as we are a space that quenches their intellectual hunger, engages, and empowers them with relatable content. We at SheThePeople.TV, Empower, Engage and Elevate – reflecting how we are not just about telling stories but being a ‘part’ of them.

10000 interviews. 1200 videos. Key partners in StartUp India, Make In India, UN Women, ORF, Global Compact. Founding Digital Women Awards. Ground breaking work and interviews. Social, cultural, intellectual and financial achievers and more. 100,000 women engaged with through our monthly efforts and events. To me, these are great energies. Creating new dialogue, opening up new strands of thought around women in the country – that to me has been hugely satisfying.

Let’s talk about the upcoming event. What’s it all about? 

SheThePeople’s collaboration with Facebook for Boost Your Business is a real winner. It is a high-energy meet of women entrepreneurs who are engaged in businesses online and using social media as a tool to grow and sell. It’s an opportunity for women to acquire new skills, learn and leverage the power of social media to maximise business returns and become a social brand.

SheThePeople engages with its audience and followers in a deeper way with specially crafted useful events like these. We invite women achievers, work from home entrepreneurs, small business owners, social media managers, startup founders to be part of a spectacular conversation, and a workshop to learn how to leverage social media better for your business. You can register now! Right here.  

Why Pune? 

Pune is a vibrant city, with a pulse on entrepreneurship. Women from the city and those who come from outside to work here find the city among the most creative and constructive places to be. SheThePeople and Facebook are travelling with Boost Your Business to some of the country’s most vibrant cities. We just wrapped up Jaipur. After Pune, we will head to Chandigarh and Jammu.

In your personal opinion, how does digital marketing help boost a business? 

Social branding is very important in today’s world – for an individual to a brand. I believe digital has opened up new opportunities, lowered the cost of advertising and marketing and improved our ability to speak to our customers and followers. Businesses need to connect and engage with their customers. Digital has become that enabler, shattering ceilings of time and distance.