New format of chemicals for art

New art forms continue to impress Pune’s art-lovers.

62-year-old artist Gangadas Machchaa is currently displaying Chemical paintings at the Bliss Art Gallery in Pune. It is a newly introduced format in the art world.
Here’s how he does it:
He pours chemicals on canvas and at a certain stage of drying, the colours are blended into the chemicals. The result is the new creations. The world knows medium like oil paints, acrylic and watercolour for canvas but this is a new media created and presented to the world. The output is glazy, shiny, weather-proof and stays lifelong.
Macchccha revels the  negative parts of this method also, “Only defect in these paintings is that it cannot be rolled. If someone wants to carry it overseas then he has to carry it as it is.”
The artist is working from the last 21 years and lots of trial and error has brought about this method. He also recently demonstrated and delivered a lecture at “Art Dubai Fest”.
Visit his website for more demos.
Another senior artist Ulhas Railkar is displaying his work which is line work style. It is an old Indian culture of paintings and has impression of sculpture style too. He has been creating artworks for over 40 years and has displayed his work in 18 solo shows and 28 group across India.