9 Dishes a Punekar Cannot Live Without!

A list of 9 dishes you must eat when you’re in Pune.

“Punyanagri” as it was called in the old times, Pune- the seventh largest metropolis and the cultural capital of India plays host to many mouth watering cuisines, desi and videshi alike. Primarily, Pune is known for its delectable Maharashtrian fare- spicy, rassedar and flavorful. Here are some dishes that are so Puneri, ki yeh khane ke baad punya milta hai!

MisalMisal Pav!

A dish that defines Pune. A mixture of farsaan, shev, pohe, healthy helping of onions and potatoes topped with the spicy rassa, misal pav can be had at any point of the day! Originally a dish meant for the common labour folk, the misal pav has now gained cult foodie status and has been served in Pune from as early as the 1950s.

Some of the best misal houses to try out: Bedekar Tea Stall, Shree Kala Snacks Centre and Shree Krushna Bhuvan. Do not forget to get the extra sample rassa on the side!

Dadpe Pohe

A typical Maharashtrian breakfast dish, Pohe is not alien to any Indian. But this version, the “Dadpe Pohe” requires no cooking or soaking of the flattened rice. All you need to do is cook the onions, turmeric and green chillies in some oil and add a healthy helping of fresh grated coconut to the uncooked poha, cover it with a tight lid for 15 minutes and voila!

If you need a quick morning fix- try out Rumaani at FC road, I guarantee you’ll have a happy day ahead.


The Americans make pancakes, the French make crepes, but nothing rocks your palate more than a Puneri thaalipeeth. Small pancakes made with a combination of Chana daal, urad daal, rice and coriander seeds, the thaalipeeth has gained popularity as an “upwaas” dish. Combine some vegetables and spices, top it off with a glass of cold buttermilk and food bliss is achieved! Try at Shabree on FC Road.


Matkichi Usal

Usal is a spicy curry made of sprouted beans (matki). This forms the base for the misal pav, but is quite delicious all on its own. Soak the matki overnight and then combine it with some kolhapuri spices, onions, tomatoes and eat with chapaati, rice, pav- anything! Nutritious and tasty, Matkichi Usal has its origins in Kolhapur, but eat at Hotel Mathura on JM Road and you’ll won’t feel the need to go anywhere else!

PitlaPitla Bhakri

Originally intended as the food of the peasants, Pitla Bhakri is now a dish enjoyed by everyone alike! The tasty besan curry tempered with onions, coriander and chillies, is an inseparable part of Pune. It’s accompanied by a jowar bhakri (sorgum bread) and thecha (simple pickle made by crushing together raw green chillies, salt, garlic, cloves and oil).

Try at: Wadeshwar Bhuvan, Deccan Gymkhana.

Tambda RassaTambda Rassa

Literally meaning “red curry”, Tambda Rassa originates from Kolhapur, but there are quite a few places in Pune that do justice to this super spicy curry. Although this red curry can be cooked with any meat, mutton is the preferred choice and is no disappointment at all. Be careful though, this curry can set fire to your mouth!

Try at: Wah Marathi, Seasons Mall


Named after the wife of Peshwa Bajirao I, the Mastani is a milkshake and icecream combo. Made extremely popular by the famous Sujata Mastani, their Mastanis are made using a traditional French pot method. Flavours range from rose to pineapple to mango to custard apple- more than 41 flavours! You cannot be in Pune and not eat these at least once a week or more- guaranteed.

Dinkache Ladoo

A chewy ladoo made from edible gum (of the axle wood tree) and coconut, it’s doesn’t look or taste like a traditional ladoo. Courtesy its medicinal properties, its generally given to new mothers, but it also enjoyed as a dessert, just like a motichoor ladoo.

Try at: Chitale Bandhu and Shree Kala Snacks Centre

SabudanaSabudana Khichdi

Whether you’re fasting or it’s just a regular Monday, a plate of this soul food can lift up your spirits like nothing else. Especially if it’s made by your loving mother’s hands. The dish is basically Sago cooked with potatoes, peanuts and basic spices, topped off with coriander and eaten with curd.

Try at: Wadeshwar, FC Road

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Bhushana Karandikar
I tried to correct the article but couldn’t, so Shirish, please convey my thoughts to the writer
1) Dadpe pohe is not and never will be breakfast dish….there is raw onion in it, so no true blue blooded punekar can eat in the morning…it is as evening snack
2) Tambada Rassa is from Kolhapur and not from Pune
3) how can you forget pattis as known to Punekars but veg puff as others call it

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