24ADP 2016 Sessions & Agenda Decoded

Digital Marketing Conference in Pune

Last year, Pune Digital Marketers came up with Pune’s first Digital Marketing Conference, 24ADP, which was ‘the’ place for people with hunger for digital marketing knowledge. People enjoyed all the sessions and went home with more than they expected.

PDMThis year, 24ADP is an extravagant feast for all the marketers in and around Pune. The agenda is Branding & ROI, which everyone enjoys in a business/marketing meeting like it’s a delicious cuisine. Doesn’t matter if you are a teenager, working professional in your prime or you’re enjoying a retired life, everyone loves feast. If you look at this year’s conference as a feast, then it will be one heck of a feast, which you will hardly see or enjoy in the near future.

It covers all the vital aspects of digital marketing that a marketer needs to take a well-thought decision for a business, starting from its execution to a strategic level.

24ADP has two parallel tracks running simultaneously for different types of audience; for those in the execution stage and for those calling the shots. The sessions are well explained for the audience to decide which ones they should attend.

Look at the agenda and see what we have here

Day One – June 4 – Track One


Well, if you are habitual to play with companies online spend and stressed with continuous changes in the Ad world, it’s volatile behavior and trying to solve the riddle of optimised ad spend then this track is for you.  These are the characteristics are of the person in the company who call the shots for Marketing activities i.e. CMO, Head of Marketing, Digital Marketing Head etc. The inputs will be on when, where and how to spend? A track specifically crafted to plan the timelines, pitch to prospects with heavy budgets or big brands, campaign hygiene & optimized execution.

Day One – June 4 – Track Two

Advanced Analytics

This track is tailor made for those who make their hands dirty in field work of Online Ads and loves excel sheet filled with analytics data from different tools. If you attending the conference and loves to be a part of operations by managing the ads by yourself then you will love sessions from this track. In a nutshell the track includes Facebook, Google AdWords campaigns, media spend split, a lot of excel data for analysis and making the best decision and the all mighty ROI. The speakers are all geared up with the right way to implement the code on website, API integration, case studies and lot more. Be ready with your deadly and difficult questions for the speakers, well they are experienced, seasoned marketers at heart.

Day Two – June 5 – Track One

Branded Digital Properties

All those creative wizards, story writers out there, this track is for you only. Designed for the people who likes run wild in their imagination and creates content that goes viral & catch a lot of eyeballs. It will also touch content strategy, community management. In short get inside the hall if you create, develop, spread the content to relevant audience that increases online presence, reputation & brand value of the organization.

Day Two – June 5 – Track Two

Digital Marketing for Startups & DIYs

There are people which are expert in multitasking and manages multiple portfolios simultaneously. This species is commonly found in startups & small organizations. This track will focus on making their lives easy with DIY tools that are helpful, charge less or no money. It will also touch different platforms, Strategies and things that you should know.

D’on’t get confused by looking at the huge agenda. The riddle is solved and choose what you like, what suits your needs & how much you can consume. It’s a feast that have different kinds of cuisine, have on your plate that will make your coming professional days more delicious.