#PunekarJams: Skylight Vision

Pune’s up and coming music bands.

Everyone has a favorite band; it’s as simple as that. Even those who swear by EDM, DNB and just about every other genre of music, nod in excitement when they hear about ‘their’ band. We all have that one band that’s “ours”. Why shouldn’t we, our bands have changed our moods and made our days! Isn’t there an unexplainable thrill in watching them perform? Their meticulous skill with their instruments, which they all pull out in astounding harmony, while setting the mood with that delectable groove! You can probably hear a bass line or some drums in your head now as you read this and I don’t blame you!

SkyFeatureHere’s introducing you to one of Pune’s very own band; I’ve been tailing them for quite a while now. They hold extreme potential and are a treat to listen to and watch. So plug in your favorite band’s discography and check out this fun interview with Gaurav Tophakhane from Skylight Vision.

How was Skylight Vision assembled? 
Bhushan and I used to play for a band called ‘Karvaan’ before Skylight Vision. In November 2013, I was jamming with Aniket Ganoo and Bhushan Chitnis for an acoustic gig and during one of our practice sessions, Aniket played a crude version of one of his compositions (Ember). We loved the composition and decided to work on the song with Saurabh Kalokhe, Shaunak Kulkarni and Pranav Wankhedkar, which turned out to be the genesis of the band.
SkyLogoOur first jam was amazing, because by the end of it we decided to record the song. A few days after the confluence of all the members, the song was recorded at Tweaklab Studio, Pune and we released it on January 6, 2014. The song caught everyone’s attention and went viral in no time. We released our debut EP (extended play) in September 2014, which is still receiving a good response.
How has the journey been so far?
Within a year, we have had a chance to collaborate with ‘Shaair & Func’ as a part of ‘Rayban Never Hide Sound series 2014’ which was featured on Pepsi MTV Indies. That was our biggest achievement for 2014. 2015 turned out to be even better! We did a four-city tour in July in which we played at Humming Tree (Bangalore), The Moon & Sixpence (Chennai), Blue Frog (Mumbai) and The High Spirits (Pune). This tour was an amazing experience for all of us. It got surreal when we played along with Agnee for Blue Frog Pune’s first year anniversary celebration gig.
I have been attending NH7 Weekender since it started. I always wanted my band to be a part of India’s happiest music festival. I am proud to say that we were the only Pune band who played at Pune’s leg of the NH7 Weekender 2015. This was the peak moment for the band in 2015. We were mentioned by Buzzfeed India in the article ‘17 Indian Musicians Who Changed The Damn Game In 2015’ along with a few my favourite artists as Prateek Kuhad and Spud in the Box.
Any dream venue you would like to perform at?
We actually don’t believe in the dream venue concept. We love to play at all venues where people appreciate the music and encourage the band.
Which artist influences the band the most?
We all have different influences. To name a few, it would be Steven Wilson, Mutemath and Guthrie Govan.
According to you, what is the greatest strength of a band?
The true strength of a band is to make music that one can relate to independently; in their own way, which essentially makes a song special for each listener.
Of all the songs you guys have composed, which song does the band hold a soft spot for?
I would have to say Reverse Gravity of a Dying Star. It’s a song which has been constructed collectively.

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