#PunekarEats: Camp Food Trail (Part I)

A walk through Pune’s Camp area for the best of food it has to offer.

When Phoenix Marketcity wasn’t the place to hang around on a weekend, or SGS (formerly Kakade mall; Pune’s first ever mall) wasn’t around; the time when Westside, Planet M and Dorabjee’s in one line ruled the recreational scene in Pune, Camp was the place to be. Walking plazas, shopping centres, street food, all-time-favourite restaurants—this area has always had it all.

Here’s a little guide on what you absolutely shouldn’t miss out on when you’re in (and around) the heart and soul of the city.


Marz-o-rin has been a landmark on in the Camp area for a couple a of decades now. Their classic cold coffee, chutney/veg sandwiches, cheese burgers and rolls and chicken pasta run the show. The Portuguese architecture has its own charm— it’s like it takes you back in time as you’re sitting tucked away into a small balcony that overlooks the main MG road.

Fruit Soda on Taboot Street

Parallel to M.G road, if you take the lane from Cupid (opposite Clover Centre), you’ll find a fruit soda shop with a variety of tasty and fresh sodas at a mere price of Rs. 20 for a glass. There isn’t anything more satisfying after a long walk along M.G road. The architecture on the street is pretty marvelous too; the perfect example of Pune’s old charm.

Chana Chapta near Bata

You said it. You’ll find a bunch of sweet corn sellers and vendors making you some dry snacks which you can munch along while you’re shopping on MG road. The chana chapta at Bata is simply the best.

Cafe Toons

Cheap beer, chicken lollypop and karaoke on Tuesday nights has always been the equation of this place. Not much has changed, except that you can order other liquor too. You simply can’t leave the tradition out. It continues to remain one of the oldest places to play superb old school rock music, which is rare to find these days. The place is tucked in the basement of basement of the shopping centre, Wonderland (entrance from the main MG road).

Chung Fa

Easily some of the best Chinese food around Pune, Chung Fa has been around since the 1980s and has a long waiting line on weekends for lunch. Their portions are large and the food tastes great; almost every loyal customer has a loyal order too. Enjoy a delicious and hearty meal here that’s also easy on your pockets.

Kayani Bakery

Famous for their Shrewsberry biscuits and delicious Mawa cakes, you’ve got to reach Kayani bakery by 5 pm on any day of the week to make sure you get their fresh bakes—and they don’t run out. There’s almost always a rush at Kayani’s, but rightly so. They are a part of Pune’s identity.

Belgium Dark Chocolate Shake Outside Green Sampan

A double scoop of thick Belgium dark chocolate shake for 80 bucks. It really sells itself.

CampFeatureJ.J Garden Wada pav

It’s only Pune’s most famous wada pav joint. Rs. 14 for a really large wada pav with their famous chutney mix— pretty much a meal in itself. Must. Be. Had.

Dorabjee and Sons

Located parallel to Taboot street, you can get your Parsi grub fix right at Dorabjee and Sons. Café Yezdan is another option, which lies right opposite it. People are always buzzing around Yezdan for their classic bun maska and chai aur omelette, and as for Dorabjee, pick any dish and you will not be disappointed. Don’t miss out on their mutton cutlets!

There’s so much more in Camp to satisfy your tastebuds with so stay tuned for Part II 🙂