#PunekarChills: The Best Happy Hour Deals on Wednesdays!

Make the most of your Wednesdays in Pune!

Nope, Pune isn’t one of those cities that has a ladies’ night in at least one night club every day of the week. But we’ve got our own share of fabulous places, which are priced rather well. So if you’re in Pune on a Wednesday, and you’re not in the mood to burn a hole in your pocket and still have a great time, here’s where you can be.


At this rooftop bar, you’ll always have a good time with some great nostalgic 2010ish music and a drink or two. They have an insane ladies night deal as well— mojitos and rum and coke is on the house. Their drinks are strong, and you will not be disappointed!

keep-calm-it-s-ladies-night-19The Ship – Grill & Bar

Wednesdays at The Ship witness Martinis poured on the house for them gorgeous ladies while the DJ dishes out some groove-worthy beats. Situated in Kalyani Nagar, The Ship’s ladies’ nights have been running successfully for years now. Also, the food here is absolutely delish! Not. To. Be. Missed.

Effingut Brewerkz

You’ve got to make use of fresh, original and tasty brews when they’re on the house. But only for the ladies! Ladies night at Effingut starts by 7 pm, and all their brews are on the house. It’s a great deal—you get to try some of the most interesting flavours and literally spend no money on it. Their food is great too, so keep the starters going!

Papa John’s

They’ve got a happy hour deal on Tuesdays and Wednesdays- buy one and get another free. Also, try the Barbecue Chicken Pizza, it really won’t disappoint.


This quiet bakery is run by an Austrian and is located in Koregaon Park. It offers some of the yummiest cheesecakes. They’re on with a happy hours’ offer as well, so you can try some of their fresh bakes and you will not be disappointed.

Other places to make the most of your nightlife on Wednesdays are Swig, Cocoparra, Classic Rock, Hidden Place and Café 1730 for their happy hour deals.

Happy chilling!

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I think u should add Myra lounge near FC…they serve free drinks for women on Wednesdays…ladies will love it…
Thought, this should be shared 🙂

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