#PunekarBakes: Midnight Kakery

In conversation with Pune’s cake Goddess.

Some cake was had. Some drools were dribbled. And, I thought, this cake-baking Goddess deserves a mention. Some more cake was had. Some more drooling happened. And, I thought, this lady deserves a feature. While I continued to drool (calm down, tastebuds), I had a little chat with Shruti Kapre, the founder of Midnight Kakery, about cakes, her business and more cakes. At the end of our chat, you will find how you can get access to cake heaven (seriously, tastebuds, calm down). 
First off, “Midnight” Kakery?
I work full time in the IT industry and so, the only time I’d get to spend on baking cakes is at midnight. That’s also the time for my baking creativity to touch its peak. So Midnight Kakery!
How did it all kick off? 
I’d been interested in baking since forever. But, after I joined the IT world, it took a backseat. Almost completely forgotten. I was looking for the perfect cake on my son’s first birthday and that’s when I got into it again with a passion. In another week, I’ll be out of the IT picture and do this full time. It’s now been two years since I’ve been baking professionally.CakeIronManTell me about a couple of the most complicated cakes you’ve baked. 
One was for my brother; he wanted a 3-D Iron Man cake. That was a toughie but it turned out great. The second was for the Operations Head of Mercedes India. It was a four-tiered cake with the man’s life on it; starting from when he became an engineer up until he was leaving Mercedes India to join the company’s Dubai operations. Fascinating cake, that one.
Any particulars we must follow before we want to place orders? 
One must place an order three weeks in advance. Sometimes the design, preparations, customisation could take up to a couple of weeks!
Punekars, you can get in touch with Shruti by phone on 9850997973 or by email on and drool over her cakes here.
Now for some cake. BRB. 

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