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One Playlist Fits All?

Wedding, birthday, sangeet, school party, religious festival, wedding anniversary? Here’s a playlist that is perfect for any of the above.

Wedding, birthday, sangeet, school party, religious festival, wedding anniversary? Here’s a playlist that is perfect for any of the above. You can now masquerade a DJ with serious expertise in event music.
You can thank us later (P.S., send us money and we’ll call it square!)
Note: This article is based on real experiences. I have heard these songs at all or most of the events above.

Warm-up: Character Dheela

Not only because of the apt wordings (dheela – loosen up, you know!), but it’s a nice lilting tune (as far as dance music goes) to get you in the mood. And, of course, Bhai. Can’t go wrong. Expect a scream when the music starts. You’re on your way!

Get Going: 4 Botal Vodka

All warm and fuzzy now? Good. Let’s get the crowd going. Nothing pleases them more than Yo Yo Honey Singh – he of the alcohol fame. This song is also a good one to set the mode for the night and to set acceptance levels of drunkenness.

Keep it going! Party All Night

Yo Yo Honey Singh - Party All Night
Everyone’s well on their way by now. For no apparent reason, they’re all happy and ‘dancing’. Add a Yo-Yo Honey Singh classic (yep, they are instant classics) to the list now to keep the tempo going. This song also sets the tone for the duration of the party. If, however, someone questions when you decide to shut down, point them to song #2 and tell them, it’s over!

Abhi to party shuru hui hai!

And don’t just play the song! Mean it. Keep reassuring the folks that this is where the party’s at. Yes, it’s a breakaway from the Yo Yo music to Badshah. Everyone needs a change. And this has Sonam Kapoor. You know… whatevs!

You da man!

By now, everyone loves you. You’re the best thing that happened to DJ-ing. So without further ado, here’s the rest of the songs you need.

  1. Saturday Saturday. You know, because dhak-chik.
  2. Aata Majhi Satakli. Because, fact.
  3. Sunny Sunny. Mandatory. Must play.
  4. Jumme Ki Raat. Because, Bhai. One more time.
  5. Johnny Johnny. Because, more dhak chik. It’s the life of the party.

The Golden Oldies.

For some of us, these are from the good-old-days. A simpler time. Do play these to keep the 30-plus oldies interested. Intersperse randomly or carve out a small section. Watch us oldies shake-a-leg. And other parts. Involuntarily.

  1. London Thumakda. I know it does. And because, after 30, NRI dreams.
  2. Desi Romance. Yes, it exists.
  3. Baby Doll. Because, Sunny, Sunny!
  4. Sooraj Dooba Hain. We need reminders. After 30, every little bit helps.
  5. Dil Dhadakne Do. Reminders again. But more for us to know, it’s time to pack up.
  6. Bonus Track: Dhinka Chika. Because, Salman Khan + Dhak Chik + “Hands in Pockets” + Oldie = WIN!

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