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Insanity at Pune's Contemporary Dance Festival

Pune’s hottest contemporary dance festival

The fifth edition of Avayava – Contemporary Dance Festival 2016, concluded this weekend in the city. There were some super performances by artists who came from different parts of the world. The performances touched a deep cord among the audiences. One such performance, which stimulated minds and hearts of the audience was called ‘Insanity’ by SPACE Studio, Pune. It questioned the times we live in. It gave a ‘food for thought’ for the numerous social causes we get ourselves tangled in.
Dance03‘Insanity’, choreographed by the festival founder, Swapnil Dagliya, captured the essence of humanity when it is not bound by any boundaries. Swapnil and his team of dancers projected various facets of humans by depicting lives of homeless people from the streets.This engaging act was packed with powerful dancing. His strong background in both ballet and modern dance was evident in this act. Swapnils’s inventive choreography brought out flexibility among his team of dancers. Swapnil Dagliya is one of the best dancers the country has and he happens to be a Punekar!