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An Agri weekend you need to take

Fresh air, space and few people to run into. Plus fresh and good food at these agri tourism spots makes them great weekend getaways. Go now!

Do you spend every weekend at a mall or a theatre? Do you want to get more out of life than the sheer joy of rubbing shoulders with more people per sq. ft. than is humanly recommended? How about some fresh air? Answered yes? Leave the city and head here…

Prathamesh Agro Farms (website)prathamesh1a

Barely an hour from the city, this is an oasis in the middle of the countryside. Drive down NH4 towards Bhor and then off-road for about 20 minutes to arrive at the destination. Here are the top things to do at the venue.
Adventure sports like rope-rail and rope cycling, swimming, cycling, bullock-cart rides for the rural-challenged! There’s also a ‘kids train’ (really an auto-rickshaw pulling a trolley!) that’s a hit with the kids.

Note, though, that the place serves only vegetarian food.

Most of all, though, this place is about the peace and quiet. It’s off the highway with green lawns and a definitely cooler (temperature-wise) surrounding. The staff is generally friendly and helpful and will ensure that you are comfortable.
Note, though, that the place serves only vegetarian food. So those looking for ‘gavran’ style mutton and chicken, you’ll not be satiated.
For a family day or weekend out, the cost starts at about Rs 800 per head (day trip) including all meals. Not too bad given you can have a fairly relaxing trip.

Torna Tents (website)

IMG_3966A somewhat lesser polished option than Prathamesh Farms, Torna Tents offers better food and slightly better views. What’s missing (yet) is some entertainment options and a little bit of finishing touches.

Torna Tents is a good option if you don’t have kids…

Recommended from Torna Tents is a short walk to the river and the beautifully located gazebo where a nap is as easy as the breeze that brings it along. The food is above average and does necessitate a nap in the gazebo!
Recommended for a day trip or a weekend, Torna Tents is a good option if you don’t have kids (fewer activities for them) and want to spend a quiet couple of days.