The Grub Fest Comes to Pune!

India’s largest food festival arriving in Pune…

India’s largest food carnival, aka Grub Fest, is on it’s way to Pune! Yes, you read that right. The food festival that saw over 100,000 people last year in Delhi is all geared up to make its debut here in our very own Pune! We caught up with co-founder Chaitanya Mathur and here’s what he had to say…

Tell us a little about The Grub Fest. What’s your story?

The Grub Fest is a brainchild of a bunch of young entrepreneurs – Aman Kumar, Arjun Jain, Mani Singh Cheema and me. With a common background in event management and an experience of over 7 years in the industry, it was only a matter of time that we’d come up with an idea that was dear to all. We wanted to get everyone together, not just music lovers or art lovers. And we thought, “Hey, nothing gets people together the way food does. Everyone loves food, let’s make this a food fest…let’s do this!” We waited for the right time, we waited for the infrastructure to be in place, we waited for the market to be mature. And boom! The Grub Fest arrived in Delhi in 2015.

Pune is a city driven by music and food. It had to be our first choice.

How has the experience been organising The Grub Fest this year?

It’s been chaotic, it’s been mad at times, but it’s been worth it. The last year has seen so much, we have no clue how time flew past and it was time for Grub Fest 2016! It’s been a great experience, coordinating with the stakeholders and seeing restaurants have faith in us and seeing them go all out to help us with our dream, it’s been overwhelming. We have done six events last year. We wish to get to 12-15 by the end of this year.

So Grub Fest brings you to Pune. Why Pune?

Chaitanya: Can you name any other city that has this large a population of youth that’s interested in so many different genres of music? Plus the people of Pune seem REALLY passionate about their food. The crowd is young, the vibe is good, the infrastructure is great, and there are so many great brands that want to be a part of this!

Ricky Teja (owner of Summer House Cafe): Pune has a versatile audience that is experimental when it comes to music. They support all different types of music, and this has been proved at all the music fests that have taken place here. Pune is a city driven by music and food. It had to be our first choice.

It feels so good listening to such nice things being said about your city, doesn’t it?

What do we have in store at The Grub Fest 2016 in Pune?

There are over 50 restaurants from Mumbai and Pune that have collaborated with us for this event. The event will see pop-up stores like never before. We also have celebrity chefs giving live demos! We are also launching Summer House Cafe with this event. And last but not the least, we have a great entertainment line-up that includes names like Anish Sood, Raghu Dixit, Blot, Mojo Jojo, Barmer Boys and a lot more!

All event details are right here.

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