Should Kanhaiya Kumar visit Pune?

The JNU agitator has split the city’s students and political establishment.

As the political battle rages, there is a possibility that Kanhaiya Kumar will visit Pune. Should he?
There are some who feel that he should visit, while others who vehemently oppose it. NDTV reports that students of 3 institutes (Ranade Institute, Fergusson College and the SP University have formed a forum to appeal for a ‘democratic dialogue’.

The students of journalism and mass communication college (commonly known as Ranade Institute) of the Savitribai Phule Pune University, FTII and Fergusson College have formed a ‘Students Joint Forum’ in the wake of recent events.

Kanhaiya Kumar, meanwhile, has said that he will visit the city in April.
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One reply on “Should Kanhaiya Kumar visit Pune?”

Should Kanhaiya visit Pune?
No! We have enough people in Pune who (think they) know a lot, who speak a lot (as to what is wrong with the world or country or city, and how things can be improved) but do nothing.
Shall we prevent him from coming?
No. It is his legal right to visit Pune. But then it is our legal right to ignore him!

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