#PunekarEats: Viman Nagar Food Trail

Your food guide for when you’re in Viman Nagar, #Pune!

Five years ago, Viman Nagar was just a semi-developed area with an airport, some housing societies and a couple of institutes. Today, it’s got a charm of it’s own—with about six colleges within the radius of three kms, it’s buzzing with energy through the day. That’s pretty much the reason the street food stalls and restaurants are thriving in this area. Here’s a quick guide to where you must eat while you’re in Viman Nagar…

Maushi’s Vadapav

Maushi’s Vadapav stall is strategically located—right outside the Symbiosis BBA campus. She’s got hundreds of students pouring in to eat her vadapav every day, and it’s really worth it.

Anna’s Idli-Vada-Sambar

This place is most crowded in the mornings—there are flocks of people standing in the heat and eating some really crisp vadas and soft idlis every morning because it’s just really that awesome.

Chopsticks Spice Malabar

Have a full, authentic Malayalam meal without spending more than 150 bucks. Everything on their menu that falls in the ‘Kerala’ section is worth trying out.

Café Goa

A quiet restaurant that has opened pretty recently in Sakore Nagar, Café Goa serves some really good Goan and Portuguese cuisine. It has been started by an advertiser and a scriptwriter who are currently on a hiatus from their careers.
P.S- The music really adds to the ambiance.


There are about six-eight momo stalls around Viman Nagar and each one has a loyal set of customers. I pick Himalayan momos near Konark Nagar and the Seven Sister’s Momos cart ahead of Dutt Mandir Chowk.

Kukka at Kukka

On the turn for Phoenix Marketcity, adjoining Chaitanya’s Parantha, there’s a shop known as Kukka. It’s a chocolate and coffee based drink— and there’s only that much to it. But it’s really yummy!

Seekh Kebab and Pav

For fifty rupees, you can relish two chicken seekh kebabs and pav from the stall in front of Konark Nagar—it’s quite the perfect snack/dinner, depending on your appetite.

Pani Puri

You really can’t count the number of pani puri stalls in Viman Nagar—there’s one almost every 100 meters. My favourite one is right next to the Seekh Kebab stall.

Strawberry Juice

Konark Nagar has a number of really good stalls—the fruit juice stall near Himalaya Momos serves the best grape and strawberry juices.

Badaam Milk at Dutt Mandir Chowk

This stall only opens later in the evenings and serves some insanely good badaam milkshake.

Food stalls at Dutt Mandir chowk

Dosas, chat, dal makhani and rice are pretty much what almost all the stalls around Dutt Mandir chowk have to offer—and each one is worth a try.