In Pune: Renowned Dancer/Choreographer Andrea Hackl

For the Avayava Contemporary Dance Festival, 2016!

We chatted with pro dancer/choreographer and world-renowned artist Andrea Hackl from Austria. She is also a visual and installation artist. Andrea is coming to Pune exclusively to attend the Avayava Contemporary Dance Festival from April 7-9, 2016! She will be teaching at one of the festival’s workshops and presenting her dance film called Back.Wash. Excerpts…

After reading your bio, I found it very interesting to know that you inculcate various types of somatic methods in your work. Any inspirations from India?

All of my yoga teachers I’ve met along the years have influenced my understanding of my body as well as movement and dance in general. As Yoga comes from India, this could be considered an Indian inspiration.

Many teachers from India like Mr. Iyengar and Mr. Krishnamurti, have influenced me as a person and who I am. As a human being and an artist, how I see the world and how I create art are intrinsically connected.

AndreaInsideWhat can one attending your workshop expect?

An absolute playful time learning how to dance and yet having fun with challenging their minds and bodies. That interplay of letting go and re-capturing, fall and recovery is fun really!

If you have to list the top three things that you want to experience in India during your visit, what would those be?

Oh there are so many! I am just really excited about my trip to India; a fun teaching experience, the people, India’s nature and its energy. I plan on visiting the mountains and the ocean. I am really looking forward to being in the country and the festival in Pune!

You can purchase tickets to the fest here. See you there, Pune! 

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