#PunekarEats: Wanowrie Food Trail

Your food guide to when you’re in Wanowrie, Punekars!

Pune’s pretty much like a haven for good food and bars. Step into any area in the city, and you’re in for a treat. So while you’re in Wanowrie, here’s what you should be doing (read eating):

Breakfast at India Café

Bun maska, Irani chai, kheema pav, cheese omelette — the Iranian café has all that you need for a perfect breakfast.

Fat Cat’s Café

This little café started off as a bakery, and now is one of Pune’s most loved eateries. It’s run by a couple— Melanie cooks up some new and interesting recipes while Sunil manages the café. Everything on their menu is worth a try—but start off with the Red Velvet Cake, the quiches and the bacon jam.

Henny’s Waffle Truck

Right opposite Fat Cat’s Café, you’ll find a truck parked around 7 pm every evening. And although they’re supposed to shut at 11, they’re up and running until midnight. Henny’s Waffle Truck has really tasty and well-priced waffles; probably the best you’ll try around the city. I recommend the strawberry and cream cheese, and banana caramel waffles.

Burger Mail

This food truck was probably one of the first ones around the area, and maybe in Pune. Burger Mail serves the traditional burgers and hot dogs with ready-made patties and sausages, but there’s still something quite uniquely yummy about it. The truck has been parked outside Sacred Heart Town for over a decade now.


You’ll find a food truck parked a few meters ahead of Burger Mail, and you’ll also find some of the yummiest and really well-priced sugar and cinnamon sprinkled cheerios. Don’t think twice before you make a stop!

Chaat near Hott

This one’s famous—and has been around ever since the area started developing and the food street (which is a surprisingly disappointing street of restaurants and cafes) came about. Start with the pani puri and pick your choice of chaat; having lived here for about eight years now I can safely say that it won’t disappoint.

Kerela Shop

There’s a Malayalam store in Wanowarie that’s dedicated to suit all your food cravings—whether it’s banana chips, rice chaklipodi, or filter coffee, this store near Kedari petrol pump has pretty much got everything you need to get a little South India back home.

Other things you shouldn’t miss out on are Sampan’s Tandoori Chicken, Sai Sagar’s Pav Bhaji and the kebabs at Atlantis. Happy gluttony, Punekars!